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Writings: Partho Sarathi Ray

Apr 20: We are living in dark days, says Partho Sarathi Ray

Hyderabad: Police assault on protesting HCU students; students and faculty arrested

Newsreel Archives 2015

West Bengal: Life sentence of 7 dalit-adivasi landless labourers falsely accused in landlord murder case in Purulia confirmed by high court

Journal 2014

The Saradha Chit Fund Scam and Trinamool Congress: Crony Capitalism and Class Collaboration, Bengal Style

Newsreel 2009-2010

Journal 2010

Journal 2013

Political prisoners in India: A blot on the conscience of the nation

Journal 2012

Labour in West Bengal: Scenario under the Trinamool Congress rule

Journal 2011

Amritsar-Delhi-Kolkata Industrial Corridor : Neoliberal “development” in the Indian heartland

Newsreel Archives 2013

India: An Urban Battleground

Sanhati at Left Forum 2013 – a brief report

New York City – Sanhati at Left Forum, June 9

West Bengal : The chit fund crisis: looting the poor with political connivance

From Nonadanga to Ejipura: The Urban Battleground

Kolkata – Report on the recent attack on Nonadanga slum dwellers

Newsreel Archives 2012


News updates and reports on the ongoing resistance of evicted people at Nonadanga

Kolkata – Convention on Saving Democracy, Jun 26

TMC’s CPI(M)-speak (and act) in Nonadanga

The Nonadanga Movement – An Analysis

Kolkata – Nonadanga anti-eviction movement : Statements, petitions etc

Apr 23: Four more Nonadanga activists granted bail


Delhi – Press meet against evictions and repression in Bengal, Apr 23

Changing face of ‘paribartan’ : movement in Nonadanga

Mass Convention of April 18 and Ongoing Struggle at Nonadanga – A Report

Nonadanga: Political Profiles of the Arrested Activists

Institute of Physics, Bhubaneswar – Petition on Nonadanga slum demolition

Nonadanga Anti-eviction Struggle : Petitions by Sanhati, IISc Concern and Institute of Physics at Bhubhaneshwar

Apr 8: Nonadanga – Demonstration demanding release of all arrested activists

A Peace in Pieces: Context of the Failed “Peace talks” in Jangalmahal

Worst of Abu Ghraib on our borders

Biotechnology Regulatory Authority of India Act: The New Weapon of the Second Green Revolution

On the repressive situation in Jangalmahal – reports, statements

The California Hunger Strike: Repression, Resistance, the US Prison System, and Political Imprisonment in India

Journal 2011. Issue No. 4: April 23

Journal 2010. Issue No. 12: October 28

Newsreel Archives: January 2011 to December 2011

Test: Front Page, Oct 20 2011

San Francisco – Report on Aug 23 Public Meeting on People’s Movements in India

Video: People’s Movements in India – Lalgarh and Beyond – Partho Ray at MIT

San Francisco – Presentation by Partho Ray – “A Report from India on Displacement and Resistance”, Aug 23

Talk by Partho Ray – Peoples’ Movement in India: Lalgarh and Beyond – MIT, July 17

Journal 2010. Issue No. 10: August 27

Journal 2010. Issue No. 5: April 18

Journal 2010. Issue No. 1: January 11

Journal 2009: November 26

Assembly Elections in West Bengal: A Litany of Lies by the So-called “Left”

Attack on political prisoners in Medinipur central jail, West Bengal

Introduction to Sanhati Selections 2011

Midnapore: Raid by West Bengal police in relief camp and beating of reporters

The Political Geography of Special Economic Zones in India

Operation Green Hunt and School Occupations by Security Forces

Lalgarh – Massive protest by women against rapes committed by security personnel

Police atrocities on the women of Sonamukhi near Jhargram

Orissa – Brief Report from Anti-POSCO villages – story of the injured people

Independent People’s Tribunal Reveal the Underbelly of Indian “Development”

The Rs. 1500 crore “Maoist empire” or How the Police Plants Stories in the Press

INDEPENDENT PEOPLE’S TRIBUNAL on Land Acquisition, Resource Grab and Operation Green Hunt

Lalgarh – Lalmohan Tudu and two others murdered by CRPF

Kolkata February 9th – Black Day – Mass protest against the Operation Green Hunt and related issues

Sanhati Publications

A Year of Lalgarh

Sunil Pal, IFTU labour leader, murdered in Asansol

Obituary: Sambhu Singh (Sambhu Singh vs. South City: the battle against corporate retail and real estate in a microcosm)

Falta SEZ in West Bengal – A fact-finding report on workers and environmental impact

Newsreel Archives

Media Watch

Statement against Government of India’s planned military offensive in adivasi-populated regions: National and international signatories

Vedic Village: A long history of brutality behind the final destruction

Articles from September 3, 2009 – August 2, 2008

Lalgarh Movement – Mass uprising of adivasis in West Bengal

Lok Sabha Elections 2009

Tribal Peoples Committee of Purulia district hold meeting for basic rights in solidarity with Lalgarh

Dipanjan Rai Chaudhuri’s column

Lalgar in West Midnapur, Bengal, on a warpath over Jindal’s Salboni SEZ and police repression

Will the “Great Indian Middle Class” show up, please?

Singur brutalizer gets medal, cadres get Nandigram land, cash incentives for officials: Laissez-faire in action

Dankuni – Resistance to Massive Land Acquisition for Real Estate

Ongoing Struggles

Fear of the Unfamiliar – Responding to Patnaik (open for comments)

The No-spin Zone – Nandigram, facts and myths (ongoing commentary)


Ranihati – an SEZ silently in the making

Sanhati Newsletter – Issue 1, July 29, 2007

Penetrating the Retail Sector in Bengal – the Reliance Juggernaut (Blog article, open for comments)

CPI(M) lies about Tapasi Malik’s death – apologist Vijay Prasad disseminates untruths

Reliance Fresh gets Park Circus Market – retail, displacement, and joblessness

Factoring Globalization into the virtuous spiral – Partho’s comment on Dipankar’s article