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4th Year of Maruti Struggle – Mārutī Suzuki Mazdoor Sangh

Nov 19: Life after Maruti Suzuki factory clash

Chennai: Maruti Suzuki workers’ struggle : A solidarity meeting, Nov 13

Feb 23: Two of the jailed Maruti Suzuki workers granted bail by SC

Gurgaon: Convention on Maruti Suzuki Workers Struggle, Feb 27

An Account of factory workers artivity today: Maruti Suzuki Cars, Manesar, India

Update from Maruti Suzuki Workers Union

Haryana : MSWU statement on victory in Maruti Suzuki Union elections

Evolving Reports from Maruti Suzuki Workers Union Padayatra

Kaithal- Maruti Suzuki Workers Union Protest Rally, Oct 27

Delhi – Seminar on The Experience in Maruti Suzuki and Beyond, KNS, Oct. 6

Delhi- Jan Sunwai by Maruti Suzuki Workers Union at Jantar Mantar, Aug 30

Updates on the struggles of the Maruti Suzuki workers

Press Release by ILCR on repression of workers at Maruti Suzuki

Kaithal, Haryana – Maruti Suzuki Workers Call for Justice Convention, June 11

‘Driving Force: Labour Struggles and Violation of Rights in Maruti Suzuki’ A Report from PUDR

Sanhati supports the workers of Maruti Suzuki and their union

Delhi – Press meet on the condition of Maruti Suzuki workers, May 24

Maruti Suzuki Workers Union pamphlet on the occasion of May day

From the 4th of June 2011 to the 18th of July 2012 and beyond – The practice of Maruti Suzuki Manesar workers

Haryana – Press Release, Appeal from Maruti Suzuki Workers Union; PUDR Statement

Gurgaon – Hunger strike, demonstration by Maruti Suzuki Workers Union, Nov 7-8

Towards a Workers’ Organisation: On the struggle at Maruti Suzuki

The Maruti Suzuki, Manesar workers’ protest

Haryana – Photos and press release of protest by families and relatives of Maruti Suzuki workers

Aug 26: Understanding 18th July at Maruti Suzuki, Manesar

Aug 17: Maruti Suzuki’s Gurgaon unit union opposes sacking of Manesar workers

Joint Memorandum in solidarity with workers of the Maruti Suzuki Workers Union

Delhi – Protest against the repression of Maruti Suzuki workers, Jul 21

Haryana – Press release on the registration of the Maruti Suzuki Workers’ Union; reports of March 1 meeting

Manesar Maruti plant – Meeting organized by Maruti Suzuki Workers Union, Mar 1

Sep 22: Maruti Suzuki India workers challenge cheap-labour regime

Delhi – Public Meeting on Company Raj & Working Class Struggle in Maruti Suzuki, JNU, Sep 9

Maruti Suzuki Workers Strike: A Report from Gurgaon

Kolkata – Rally in support of the Maruti-Suzuki workers, May 27

PUDR Statement against intimidation and harrassment of Maruti-Suzuki workers

Conversations on Capital, Unions, and the Maruti-Suzuki Strike

Kolkata – Agitation of workers in solidarity with the struggle at Maruti-Suzuki, Oct 20

Dec 17: The more things change at Maruti’s Manesar plant, the more

Report on Maruti Mazdoor Nyay Adhikar Convention

Delhi: Solidarity meeting demanding justice for Maruti workers, Nov 25

Delhi: Solidarity meeting demanding justice for Maruti workers, Nov 21

Some important reflections of Maruti Manesar incident on Sep 26

Mar 17: 77 jailed Maruti workers granted bail

Mar 6: Gurgaon court directs Maruti to pay compensation to sacked workers

Delhi – Justice for Maruti Workers Campaign : Press Release and Resolution from 13 July Program

July 16: Activists pitch for Maruti workers

Haryana – Maruti workers’ struggle : Manesar chalo, July 18

Delhi – Solidarity Program : Justice for Maruti Workers, Jul 13

Delhi – Press statement and memorandum from protest against attack on Maruti workers

May 24 : Police connived with Maruti in Manesar, says PUDR

Delhi – Joint demonstration against attack on May 19 protest of Maruti workers, May 24

May 20 : Unions, left-wing outfits demand release of Maruti workers

Kaithal, Haryana – Gherao of Industries Minister’s residence by Maruti workers, May 19

Haryana – Statements on the indefinite hunger strike by Maruti workers; Letter from jailed workers

PUDR Statement upholding the Maruti workers’ right to protest

Delhi- Protest Demonstration by Maruti workers at Jantar Mantar, Dec 19

Sep 26: Third degree torture used on Maruti workers: Rights body

Sep 8: The Maruti Way

Kaithal, Haryana – Rally of terminated workers of Maruti-Manesar, Sep 9

Delhi – Press release on the Joint Protest Demo against Osamu Suzuki

PUDR Statement condemning dismissal of Maruti workers and militarisation of workplace

Delhi – Protest demonstration against dismissal of Maruti workers, Aug 21

Aug 19: Gun shield for managers – Army veterans to guard Maruti supervisors on shop floor

Aug 17 : Maruti sacks 500 workers; Manesar plant to reopen

Aug 11: Protest against crackdown on workers at Maruti

Aug 10: Protest rally demands independent probe into Maruti’s Manesar unit violence

Delhi – Press Release on detention of activists during demonstration against repression of Maruti workers

Jul 22 : Maruti Crisis – Protestors demand release of innocent workers

Haryana – Statement from Maruti Workers Union on recent events at Manesar plant

Nov 12: Suzuki powertrain trying to offer inducements to give up protest, alleges TU leader

Nov 8: Maruti workers to rebuild union as leaders leave

Oct 21: Maruti strike ends, 64 workers to be taken back

Oct 16: Striking workers of SPIL, Suzuki Motocycles vacate plants

Update on Workers’ struggle at Maruti Manesar plant

Oct 10: Maruti sacks 15 workers at its Manesar plant

Oct 7: Workers at Maruti’s Manesar plant strike work for contract workers

After Maruti it is time for the textile workers in Punjab to say ‘enough is enough’.

Sep 18: Police crackdown on the struggling workers at Manesar Maruti plant

Sep 17: Strike called off at 3 Suzuki units

Sep 12: Workers struggle at Maruti’s plant in Gurgaon

Sep 3: Maruti struggle update

Sep 1: 3rd day of strike, city unions back workers at Maruti

Aug 30: Maruti suspends 16 more workers, sacks 12 trainess

Aug 29: Workers’ struggle at Maruti’s Manesar plant

Aug 18: Maruti’s Manesar Plant workers demand new union

June 16: Strike at Maruti’s Manesar plant called off

Maruti Strike : Appeal from support group; statement against attack by guards

June 12: Workers demand re-instatement of sacked colleagues at Maruti

Gurgaon, North India: workers riot after death, DLF and Maruti shaken by crisis

Sept 2: Strike campaign and programs in Gurgaon-Manesar-Dharuhera-Bawal-Bhiwadi-Neemrana industrial belt

Report on the Ongoing Struggle and Repression at Honda Motorcycles & Scooters Factory Tapukara

U.S. Palestinian, Muslim, Legal & Student Organizations in Solidarity with India

26 Feb: Tata Nano auto workers strike over suspensions

Gurgaon-Manesar automobile workers continue struggle …

Coimbatore to Manesar: Release the Political Prisoners of Class Struggle

Amazon in India – The E-Commerce Jungle and Workers’ Reality

Gurgaon: Mazdoor Nyay Adhikar Convention, Nov 27

Newsreel Archives 2015

A short report on the campaign and strike in the Gurgaon-Bawal industrial belt

Sep 2 strike at Gurgaon-Manesar: Press releases from WSC

Massive public meeting on the 10th anniversary of state terror against Honda workers

Struggles ‘Made in India’

Jul 19: Section 144 imposed in Industrial Manesar Township

Jul 19: Why Modi’s new Skill India mission will mean nothing for workers

Gurgaon: मारुति सुजुकी मजदूर सभा व रैली, Jul 18

Wage-worker as the radical subject: Some voices from Delhi-NCR

Appeal to stand in support of working class struggles in Delhi-NCR

Delhi: Workers Convention in solidarity with workers of Gurgaon-Bawal Industrial area, Feb 27

Death in the Air: A Recent Rebellion at Udyog Vihar

Perspectives on the Aam Aadmi Party

The Hokkolorob Movement and the Shantiniketan Sexual Assault Case: Convergences, Fragmentation, and the Aversion to Politics

Dec 7: Contract workers of Asti-Manesar refuse to take the pink slip

Manesar, Haryana: ASTI Workers Strike Updates

New Delhi: “Public meeting in solidarity with ASTI and other Ongoing Workers struggles in Manesar”, Dec 4

Dec 1: Your car has been built on an assembly line of broken fingers

In solidarity with the Munjal Kiriu workers in IMT Manesar

Gurgaon: Protest Program and Rally Against Anti-Worker Labour Law Reforms

Mehnatkash, September 2014

Delhi- “Free” Labour, Unfree Workers, Meeting on Labour Law Reforms, Aug 29

On the Threshold: Class Struggle in Delhi, दहलीज़ पर: दिल्ली में वर्ग सघंर्श

Asansol- Seminar on Employment of Contract Labourers in Permanent Jobs, Aug 10

Gurgaon Workers News June 2014

Newsreel Archives 2014

Journal 2013

Delhi: Press release from protest against changes in Labour laws by Rajasthan government

First conference of Workers Solidarity Centre (Gurgaon): Press Release

Truth is stranger than fiction: a note on the Akshardham acquittal

Rajasthan – Report of police repression on workers of Sriram Piston in Bhiwadi; Memorandum to Chief Minister; Report on deadly attack on worker activists of Gurgaon Mazdoor Sangharsh Samiti and Bigul Mazdoor Dasta

May 6: Indias young workforce adopts new forms of protest

May 6: Indias young workforce adopts new forms of protest

Hey, What Are These Progress And Development? And What Is This Corruption?

RDF Statement on Loksabha Election

Hum Ko Bacha Lo: Death of a Worker in Gurgaon

Crisis and Political Attack on the Wage Pressure from Below

Mar 19 : Doing Big Business In Modis Gujarat

Doing Big Business In Modis Gujarat

Journal 2012

Haryana – Workers Solidarity Centre statement in in solidarity with struggling workers of Bajaj Motors, Gurgaon

Post-ideological Politics and Left Politics

Haryana – Report on recent workers strikes at Asti and Baxter factories, Manesar

Delhi – KNS Open Letter of Protest to SIAM, ACMA, CII in Auto Expo 2014

Haryana – MSWU statement on the success of Autofit Workers Union (Dharuhera) in defending their union rights and rights of contract workers

Report on workers’ strikes at Munjal Kiriu, Autofit factories in Gurgaon-Manesar

Haryana – MSWU Press Release on day-long mass hunger strike

Stand in solidarity with the workers who are on strike for 41 days at the Daikin plant in Neemrana

Delhi – Remembering Bhopal and Resisting Onslaught of Corporations, Dec 3

Journal 2011

An Energy Regime in Crisis and Urban Unrest – Selections from GWN

Newsreel Archives 2013

Kolkata – All India seminar on Resistance movement of the working class in India today, Sep 13-14

CDRO Bulletin June 2013

Delhi – Protest at Haryana CM’s residence, May 20

Delhi – Public meeting against War on People, May 4

Urbanisation and Systemic Disaster

Feb 21: Tens of millions of Indian workers join general strike

Statements on All India Workers’ Strike on 20-21 Feb : Joint platform of trade unions; RDF

Haryana – MSWU call for all-India day of solidarity action on Feb 5; Statement on day of protest

Haryana – MSWU press statement regarding state represson on ‘Justice Rally’

Delhi – MSWU Press Releases related to the convention of automobile workers

Delhi – Convention of automobile workers, Dec 9

Nov 26 : Maharashtra sugarcare farmers continue agitation; Naxalites support stir

Newsreel Archives 2012

Will the Real Mr. Jaithirth Rao, Please Stand Up!


Aug 30: The ‘Maoists’ of Manesar

Journal : 2011. Issue No. 7: July

Feb 14: Monthly inflation rate in India at 26 month low

Gurgaon Workers News – February 2012

Feb 10: Rural India losing steam

Gujarat – A Report on the Workers’ Strike in Reliance Textile Industries, Naroda plant, Ahmedabad

Dec 1: “Outsourcing” within India

Nov 9: India car sales record biggest drop in 11 years

Oct 21: Debate over trade unions rages in India

Test: Front Page, Oct 20 2011

Oct 16: Workers strike work at Moses Baer plant in Noida

Oct 6: Power Loom workers strike back in Punjab

July 28: News of workers strikes from across the country

July 26: News of workers strikes from across the country

July 1: Car sales continue to slow down in India

June 13: Rising inequality fuels working class anger

Dec 10: Tata’s Nano: The People’s Car that Few Want to Buy

Class composition and Labour Casualisation in Gurgaon: New Struggles in a Miserable Boom-Town

Gurgaon Workers News January 2010 Issue

Faridabad and Gurgaon: Workers’ Action, Leftwing Media

Gurgaon workers unrest: Background, features, chronology, and economic notes on India’s automobile industry

India’s $2 billion private security sector and other tales – Gurgaon Workers News

Working Paper: Current crisis regime and impact on class struggle in India

A list of exploitative companies in North India, and what they do

Updates: Nyay Sangharsh Rally – Vishal Jansabha (Mass Gathering), Jantar Mantar, Delhi

September 2 strikes : updates

Will Ambani have the last laugh? Or why the Aam Aadmi Party needs a small lesson in Marxism.

Amritsar-Delhi-Kolkata Industrial Corridor : Neoliberal “development” in the Indian heartland

“The system is increasingly fragile” – Conversation with Faridabad Majdoor Samachar

A Report on Ludhiana textile workers strike and the owners’ propaganda

June 21: Infy, Tata beat global majors to emerge as top brands in India

Analysis of Classes in India: A Preliminary Note on the Industrial Bourgeoisie and Middle Class