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Nandigram Today – The Disempowerment of Empowered Women

West Bengal: WSS statement on the condition of women in Nandigram

Kolkata – Press meet by WSS on status of women in Nandigram, Mar 14

Nandigram to Nonadanga – Onslaught against democracy continues unabated

Does Didi want to make Jhargram into another Nandigram?

Nandigram: PBKMS Letter To West Bengal Chief Secretary

Feb 24: SC seeks CBI report on the 2007 Nandigram Firing

The role of NRI lobbies: from the nuclear deal to Dow Chemicals to Nandigram

Nandigram during the Panchayat Elections 2008: an SSC leaflet

Nandigram from May 5-11, 2008 – APDR report

Nandigram on the eve of the Panchayet Elections – A MASUM report

They insist your show must be cancelled! – cultural coercion in a post-Nandigram Bengal

Mahamichhil for Nandigram and reflections on the people’s movement

Citizens’ Report on Nandigram with specific stress on gender violence

Singur brutalizer gets medal, cadres get Nandigram land, cash incentives for officials: Laissez-faire in action

Kalboishekhi in Poush: The Aftermath of Nandigram

Leaflet from Maitree, a women’s rights network, on Nandigram

Nandigram Reports

November violence in Nandigram: Archives

Nandigram and the Blind Faith in Industrialization

An open letter to The Hindu on its Nandigram coverage

Nandigram: Our men or their men – nowhere men

Interim report by womens’ team on Nandigram November violence

Nandigram and the Fight Against the War in Iraq

Perspectives on Nandigram – articles by Dipankar Bhattacharya (Liberation), Mazdoor Mukti, and RDF

Nandigram: The Beating of Medha Patkar

A pointwise rebuttal of Chomsky etc.’s statement on Nandigram

November in Nandigram: A Citizens’ Report

Lifting the veil : Marichjhampi then, Nandigram now

Nov 16, 2007: Nandigram Redux: Reading Sudhanva Deshpande

Bangalore Protests over Nandigram violence

ghare phirechhilo jaaraa – posters on Nandigram

Protest Nandigram through arts – Bangalore, 18 Nov. Join Now.

Lessons From Nandigram’s Heroic Land Struggle – 14 Nov, 2007

The No-spin Zone – Nandigram, facts and myths (ongoing commentary)

Nandigram – November 2007 violence: Archives

Nandigram under siege – State prepares for CRPF deployment

Peasant Resistance in Bengal a Decade before Singur and Nandigram

The Presidency Consolidation, mass movements, and Left orthodoxy – Thinking afresh in the wake of Nandigram

Peoples’ Tribunal on Nandigram – Summary of Report – August 11

Chronological progress of Nandigram case (PIL filed by Association of Lawyers of Calcutta High Court against the State)

EPW letters on Nandigram and the role of intellectuals like Patnaik

A critique of the writings of Malini Bhattacharya, Prabhat Patnaik, and others after Nandigram

National Convention Against Displacement & SEZs – Kashipur, Kalinganagar, Jagatsinghpur, Raigad, Dadri, Singur, Nandigram

Nandigram and the Unravelling of Social Democracy – Blog article (open for comments)

Press Release of Peoples’ Tribunal on Nandigram, 28 May 2007 and TASAM Report on Nandigram Massacre

Nandigram, Comprador Intellectuals and an Exchange

Resistance to Neo-Liberalism in Singur and Nandigram

Analysis of the statement on Nandigram issued by Prabhat Patnaik, Jayati Ghosh, and other CPI(M) intellectuals

Liberation answers CPI(M)-sponsored fiction on the Nandigram massacre

Appeal to save the life of Dr Pradip Das, serving Nandigram victims

Discussion Forum in Panjab University on SEZ and Nandigram – Press Clippings

The Train Stops At Nandigram

New, updated APDR Report on Nandigram in Bengali (April 8)

Report on Nandigram from Manthan Samayiki – Bengali little magazine

Medical Team Report from Nandigram with names, locations, and injuries – April 5

SOS from Nandigram – Beyond the immediate tragedy – EPW editorials

An afternoon in Nandigram – experiences of two medical relief workers

Nandigram has stood up

A Million Nandigrams

Assorted leaflets from Sanhati Mancha, graffiti from Jadavpur University – following Nandigram massacre

MASUM – partial list of injured persons, evolving list of missing persons – Nandigram

PAMANGGAS condemns Nandigram massacre, Italian Metal Unions react to Singur

Noam Chomsky supports call for serious independent investigation on Nandigram, James Petras expresses outrage toward CPI(M)

Meher Engineer’s personal note on the week of March 12-17, 2007
Singur to Nandigram, and the shiny urban resistance

APDR, PBKMS, MASUM final report on Nandigram – March 23, 2007


Medha Patkar led All India independent fact finding team on Nandigram Massacre – Updated April 10, 2007

That Night in Nandigram

Amnesty International Statement on Nandigram Violence, March 14, 2007

National Alliance of People’s Movements (NAPM) Report on Nandigram Violence, March 14, 2007

State Terror in Nandigram, March 14, 2007

Resistance News from Nandigram

Fact-finding report on Nandigram

Analytical booklet on government policy : In the Clutches of Development – Singur, Nandigram

Prof. Meher Engineer Passes Away

Political Prisoners in West Bengal, the Peoples Movements, and the Media

Communalism and the Indian Left – Thoughts at a Critical Juncture

Journal 2015: Archive

May Shikha live as an Eternal Flame – A Report from Com. Himadri Sen’s Memorial Meeting

Fallacy of Make in India: One Day Central Seminar and Public meeting by Visthapan Virodhi Jan-Vikas Andolan (VVJVA)

WSS Report on Singur visit

Public Hearing held at Sundarban for the implementation of Forest Rights Act

Writings: Partho Sarathi Ray

Newsreel Archives 2015

Writings: Saroj Giri

Who killed Kishenji ?

An Open Letter to Chhatradhar Mahato: There is no night without a dawn – ‘এমন রাত্রি নেই যা প্রভাত হয় না’

Adivasi Resistance to Mining and Displacement: Reflections from Jharkhand

West Bengal: “Shashak Bodleche, Shahsan Ek-E Acche : The Rulers Have Changed, The System Hasn’t”

Perspectives on the Aam Aadmi Party

Mainstream Politics vs Alternative Politics

The First Naxal – A Review of Kanu Sanyal’s Biography

The Saradha Chit Fund Scam and Trinamool Congress: Crony Capitalism and Class Collaboration, Bengal Style

Statements condemning police attack on students’ protest at Jadavpur University – AIFRTE, KNS, APDR

Plight of Political Prisoners: Condition inside Hooghly Jail, West Bengal

Red Salute, Nabarun Da!

Delhi – Abduction and arrest of G.N. Saibaba : Statements, Petitions, Reports

Political prisoners in India: A blot on the conscience of the nation

Political Prisoners and Cultural Resistance in the Jails of West Bengal

New York – Protest against the abduction of G.N. Saibaba, May 14

Post-ideological Politics and Left Politics

Demand the release of Dr. Samir Biswas

Bengal awaits an independent mass movement as crimes against women rise

NAPM commentary on the new Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act, 2013

Kolkata – Meet The Rampal Long March Team – Oct 24 – George Bhavan

Joint Press Release on ‘Gorkhaland’ Movement

Kolkata – CRPP statement on the unlawful arrest of Jayeeta Das

Aug 4 : Arrested Kolkata activist remanded to the custody of STF

July 26: The POSCO Issue: Where Do We Stand?

July 15: Raging bulls in Nandi, sighs in Singur Big brothers hound and hit

Anti-Posco : Villagers resist the government’s push to acquire lands

Kolkata – KNS statement against government’s attempts to silence protest movements

West Bengal : Reports from Barasat on the recent incident of rape; Appeal from APDR

Jun 9 : Indian government’s attempt to monitor telecommunication network

Joint statement on the arrest of Abhay Sahoo

A future for the left

Resolution adopted at the February 13 convention for unconditional release of political prisoners

Struggle for Health: Which is the Way Ahead?

People together : Arguments for an initiative

‘Naxalbari … Will Never Die’: The Power of Memory and Dreams

The Invincible Flame of Narayanpatna: An Interview with Dandapani Mohanty

Police firing in Dubrajpur, West Bengal – A report from the CPI(ML) Liberation

Kolkata – Report on arrest of protestors at film festival

Nov 7: Villagers clash with police at Dubrajpur (West Bengal) over land acquisition

West Bengal – Joint protest letter against attack on theatre worker Bimal Chakraborty and democratic rights

New Land Bill will Further Intensify Conflicts- NAPM

The Journey of Shramajibi Swasthya Udyog (Working Class Health Project)

Delhi – Jan Morcha against new Land Acquisition Bill, Aug 21-23

West Bengal – APDR Statement on the arrest of Shiladitya Chowdhury

Aug 12: Mahashweta Devi slams Mamata government on Prisoners

Press Statement – A Paradigm Shift in Development Planning and Land Reforms is Need of the Hour

All Sorts of Roguery?

Rajarhat: When the Government Loots

The Second Singur ‘Rebellion’ by Ma, Mati and Manush

The martyrdom of Com. T P Chandrasekharan and the future of transformative politics in Keralam

West Bengal – Release of political prisoners : Review Committee debate revisited

An Appeal on the Occasion of Forty Years of APDR in the Human Rights Movement

News updates and reports on the ongoing resistance of evicted people at Nonadanga

TMC’s CPI(M)-speak (and act) in Nonadanga

The Nonadanga Movement – An Analysis

Kolkata – Nonadanga anti-eviction movement : Statements, petitions etc

Nonadanga struggle – Arresting the poorest of the poor: Profiles from April 28 arrests

On the situation in Nonadanga – Pamphlet by Uchched Pratirodh Committee

A One-day Trip to Jangal Mahal

Delhi solidarity for Nonadanga anti-eviction struggle : Press release; Joint statement

Apr 23: Four more Nonadanga activists granted bail


Apr 20: We are living in dark days, says Partho Sarathi Ray

Mass Convention of April 18 and Ongoing Struggle at Nonadanga – A Report

Nonadanga: Political Profiles of the Arrested Activists

Institute of Physics, Bhubaneswar – Petition on Nonadanga slum demolition

PUDR statement condemning the Kolkata arrests on the issue of cartoons

Apr 11: West Bengal evicts ecological refugees occupying prime real estate in Kolkata

Nonadanga eviction – Statement from Krantikari Naujawan Sabha

Update from Koodankulam anti-NPP Struggle

NCTC – Mamata’s scepticism and pseudo-concern

March 3: AISA sweeps JNU elections held after a 4 year hiatus

A Peace in Pieces: Context of the Failed “Peace talks” in Jangalmahal

Police can never do wrong when they are “Our Police” !

CPI (M)’s ‘Philistine Realism’

Jan 15: Civil liberties groups threaten to take West Bengal CM to court

Remembering Kishanji

Let the sons of the revolution not die being peace-trapped

Punjab – Report on Moga Convention against attack on democratic rights


Of Nussbaum, I don’t Singh

Plain Thoughts in the Time of a War (and on the Recent Shenanigans of the Netri)

West Bengal – MKP Pamphlet against attack by Trinamool cadres in West Midnapore

On Jangalmahal : Second Open Letter to the Chief Minister of West Bengal

Newsreel Archives: January 2011 to December 2011

Test: Front Page, Oct 20 2011

Displacement: The Indian State’s War on its Own People

Misplaced Loyalties: ‘Pink Left’ Countries and Sri Lanka

Aug 22: I’d rather not be Anna

Delhi – National Action against Land Acquisition Act, August 3-5

National Action Against Forced Displacement & Land Grab, August 3-5, New Delhi

Fourth Letter From Peoples’ Committee Against Police Atrocities

Discussions on the release of political prisoners – Whose committee is it ?

Memorandum on political prisoners submitted by APDR to the Hooghly district administration

20 Suicide Attempts a Day – Tirupur, Tamil Nadu: Textile Workers in a Globalised Workplace

An urgent and intense resistance to the Posco land-grab is required

June 2: Rights bodies demand general amnesty for political prisoners in West Bengal

Buddhababu’s Shilpayon (Industrialization)

Yes, Mamata is likely to usher in a Fascistic regime and no, the red flag is still held aloft in Bengal

Uttar Pradesh – NAPM Statement against the land acquisition plans and attack on resisting farmers

West Bengal – An analysis of the election manifestos of Left Front and Trinamool Congress

Assembly Elections in West Bengal: A Litany of Lies by the So-called “Left”

Why the difference in two languages? The Trinamool Congress should clarify its stand on SEZs

War Against the People, Civil Rights Movement and the China League

Statement demanding the scrapping of nuclear power plants in India – PBKMS

Introduction to Sovereign are the People by Dipanjan Rai Chaudhuri: A Sanhati Publication

Jan 15: The Retreat of a Regime

The Flames of Narayanpatna

The Emperor’s New Cloak: Marxism, “A Rights-based Approach”, and Patnaik

Sixth Letter from the Peoples’ Committee Against Police Atrocities

What does Business have to Say about Maoism? An Analysis of the FICCI Task Force Report on National Security & Terrorism

Ongoing Coverage: Cultural protest against Operation Green Hunt

Towards Peace, Justice and Democracy…

Ganapathy on the Current Situation of the Revolutionary Movement and Contemporary Issues: An Interview

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