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Farmer Suicides across Indian States: What Do We Know? What Does it Mean?

Aug 12: India’s Quiet Epidemic Of Housewife Suicides

Potato Farmers’ Suicides in West Bengal: A Preliminary Analysis

Jan 28: Telangana farmer suicides

Sept 21: Uttar Pradesh’s sugar crisis leading to suicides

Student Suicides: Petition of University Teachers

Andhra Pradesh – HRF Press Release on farmers suicides in Mahabubnagar district

Aug 27: Chhattisgarh eliminates farmer suicides by fudging death data

Jul 3: Farm suicides rise in Maharashtra, State still leads the list

Farmer Suicides in India Part 3: State-Level Distributions

June 4: Scientist’s warning on farmer suicides in Assam

Apr 24: Vidarbha, plagued by farmer suicides, battles child deaths too

Farmer Suicides in India: Part 2

Andhra: Lokshakti Abhiyan on farmer suicides, looting of natural resources in the KG basin

Farmer Suicides: A First-hand Report from Karnataka

Farmer Suicides in India: A Policy-induced Disaster of Epic Proportions

Dec 8: Fresh wave of farmer suicides in India

Dec 6: Farmer suicides across Indian states

16,632 farmer suicides in India in 2007

Nearly 11,500 Farmer Suicides

Continuing Impunity: Deaths in Police Custody in Delhi, 2016-2018

Karnataka Youth for Employment: Why and How

WSS statement on sexual harassment and Internal Complaints Committees

Sep 24: PUDR – 31st Annual Dr. Ramanadham Memorial Meeting – Delhi

Report of the People’s Tribunal on Caste Discrimination & Police Action in University of Hyderabad

Journal 2015: Archive

Condemn massive crack down in Punjab on peasant struggle

Caste, Gender and Labour – WSS Seminar Report, Session 2

Mar 30: Will the Real Nationalists please Stand Up?

Mar 5: The Left Too Fall Into The Nationalist Trap

Statements in response to the death of Rohith Vemula

Chennai: Discussion on WTO-GATS assaults on Higher education, Nov 30

Newsreel Archives 2015

OROP: Silence gives way to an Opportunity

A demand for shutting TASMAC: Changing Trend of People’s Protests in Tamil Nadu

Orissa: Statements against foisting of false case against Deba Ranjan Sarangi

Aug 17: How the farmer dies?

Mandya, Karnataka: Annada Runa Abhiayana, Jul 21- Aug 3

The Seshachalam Killings and Red Sandalwood: A Chapter in the Long History of Police Encounter Murders in Andhra/Tamil Nadu

In Memoriam, Namavistar – Contours of the Namantar Struggle for Renaming of Marathwada University

Farmers across Gujarat being Detained

Red sandal labour killings in the name of protecting national resources

Sept 2: Gunning for Vandana Shiva

Aug 23: Who is guiding Modi’s economic thinking an

Proposed Labour Law Reforms: Should we sacrifice democracy and well being of people for FDI and high growth rate?

Journal 2012

Mar 10 : Film-maker releases clips of controversial Modi seeches made just after Gujarat riots

Mar 5: After Farmers Commit Suicide, Debts Fall on Families in India

Mar 5: After Farmers Commit Suicide, Debts Fall on Families in India

Pune – Film Festival, Seeds of Freedom, Nov 23

NAPM statement on the complete annihilation of small farmers in World Agricultural Congress at Hyderabad

The Semi-Feudal Character of Indian Agriculture

Newsreel Archives 2013

Delhi – Protest programme against state repression on cultural activists, Sep 21

Delhi – Sanhati : public meeting on State Repression on Cultural Activists, May 5

Delhi – Press note on Kisan Khet Mazdoor Mahapanchayat

Delhi – Kisan Khet Mazdoor Mahapanchayat, Mar 18

The Ashis Nandy Controversy: Inside the Mind of One ‘Intolerant’ Dalit

Food Budget Squeeze, Market Penetration and the Calorie Consumption Puzzle in India

Nov 30: Second case of farmer suicide within four days in Tamil Nadu

Nov 29: Reports on Jan Sansad (Peoples’ Assembly) in Delhi

Newsreel Archives 2012

Statements against the arrests of Dr Sunilam and Dayamani Barla

Oct 7: 1.35 lakh people committed suicide in 2011; WB, TN top the list

Sep 29: From Pepsico to Walmart: Selling a fake dream


A review of Ear to the Ground: Selected Writings on Class and Caste by K. Balagopal

Manifesto of People’s Demands and Release of Political Prisoners

All Sorts of Roguery?

The Second Singur ‘Rebellion’ by Ma, Mati and Manush

May 10: Reaping gold through cotton, and newsprint

Delhi – All India Meet on Women Prisoners and Custodial Violence, Mar 31

Coalition for a GM-Free India demands review and halt to the promotion of Bt cotton

Press Releases from Rashtriya Jan Sansad

Delhi – Rashtriya Jan Sansad, Mar 19-23

Left Forum 2012 – Sanhati Panel, Mar 18

March 1: Indian workers show their power with massive strike

Feb 23: Slur of being single

Punjab – A report on the Pagri Sammelan in Barnala

Kolkata – Meeting regarding farmers’ suicide, Feb 2

Jan 13: Poverty, mass deprivation rising in Asia

NAPM Press Release on FDI in Retail: A Disaster for Farmers, Consumers and Communities

Nov 12: Suzuki powertrain trying to offer inducements to give up protest, alleges TU leader

Sep 25: American radio broadcaster deported from Delhi

Aug 22: I’d rather not be Anna

Aug 18: Independent India @65: Inclusive growth remains an elsuive goal

Sangharsh demands government to ensure land rights

July 20: Pace of urbanization picks up in India

June 26 : Distress for farmers – rich harvest, but no buyers

20 Suicide Attempts a Day – Tirupur, Tamil Nadu: Textile Workers in a Globalised Workplace

May 1: How women bear the brunt of flexible labour markets

West Bengal – An analysis of the election manifestos of Left Front and Trinamool Congress

Assembly Elections in West Bengal: A Litany of Lies by the So-called “Left”

Jan 14: Tunisians Drive Leader from Power in Mass Uprising

Fake Encounter Killing of Anti Mining Activists in Orissa

A Note on the Current Political Situation: Some Issues and A Conclusion

What does Business have to Say about Maoism? An Analysis of the FICCI Task Force Report on National Security & Terrorism

Dec 02: Grameen Bank Founder Accused of Diverting Funds

Nov 18: Indian Microcredit Industry Faces Collapse

Development: Maladies and Remedies

Ganapathy on the Current Situation of the Revolutionary Movement and Contemporary Issues: An Interview

The Political Geography of Special Economic Zones in India

Sep 26: Urban Food Security has Deteriorated in many Indian States

The Trickledown Revolution

The Second Green Revolution: A Blue-Print to Control India’s Agriculture – Indo-US Treaty, New Seed Act

Azad’s assassination: An insight into the Indian state’s response to peoples’ resistance

Proposed second green revolution – deputation to Agriculture Minister by FAMA

Labour Movement in China uses Latest Communications Technology

Reflections on Recent Chinese Developments

Chinese Labour Rising?

The US-China Trade and Currency dispute: A red herring?

The Indian Government Should Surrender To The Maoists: An Immodest Proposal

Odisha: Poverty, Corporate Plunder and Resistance

Searching for Jake Sully in India’s heartland

U.S. Agribusiness in Indian Agriculture: KIA, BRAI, and the “Second Green Revolution”

Kolkata – Laid off workers fight lone battle

Press Statement of the Citizens’ Expert Committee on BT Brinjal

Dialogue in Democracy: Challenges for Government-Maoist Talks

Myth of the Global Safety Net

Statement against Government of India’s planned military offensive in adivasi-populated regions: National and international signatories

Yet to learn drought lessons

Delivery of food supply in India – the edge of the precipice

The 2009 Budget and the Political Economy of the Indian state

The Great Himalayan Watershed: A review of the politics of water in the subcontinent

Articles from September 3, 2009 – August 2, 2008

Lok Sabha Elections 2009

Maoism in India: Panic or Panacea?

The West’s fantasies of a free-market “New India”

Gravest displacement, Bravest resistance: The struggle of adivasis of Bastar, Chhattisgarh against imperialist corporate landgrab

The Art of Not Writing

Unfair Wealth and Fair Elections

“Only the idiots are committing suicide”

Poverty behind the tiger

Working Paper: Current crisis regime and impact on class struggle in India

Death of small businesses in Bengal and India: a comprehensive study of retail monopoly

Dispossession of weavers in Varanasi and the need for an artisans movement

Responsible corporates? The crimes of the Tatas enumerated

Who committed the real violence at Graziano Transmissioni?

A conversation with Amit Bhaduri: alternatives in development

A history of the brutal Rajarhat land acquisition, Bengal’s new IT hub

Dynamics of rural proletariat: labour shortage in agriculture, NREGA, aspirations, and the nouveau riche

India’s Runaway ‘Growth’: Distortion, Disarticulation, and Exclusion

A man-made famine – India and the world in the Great Hunger of 2008

Enemies of the State – Women and men who choose the margins

Bengal: Panchayat Elections 2008

From Chhattisgargh to Manipur: The many faces of Salwa Judum

Predatory Growth

Agro-Science Fair in Bolagarh, West Bengal

Growth of a Wasteland

Reforms and the Kerala Model

Ration debacle in Bengal – corruption, crisis, condoms

Development – a note for discussion written for the Kashipur Solidarity Group

Genetically Modified crops – testing and plans in West Bengal,

In the Name of Growth – The Politics and Economics of India’s Special Economic Zones

The Train Stops At Nandigram

The real debate over economic reforms in India

A State against the Nation

Development Or Developmental Terrorism?

In the Name of Development