Haryana: दिशा सांस्कृतिक मंच: ‘जिंदादिल’ ‘देवेंदर’ जिंदाबाद

Vicious Conspiracy of the Sangh Parivar to fan Communal Tensions in the North-East Delhi

ALERT: Police lathicharge on ASTI and MUNJAL KIRIU workers’ demonstration at Labour Office, Gurgaon

Narendra Modi in Nepal

Call made from Jantar Mantar– Abki baar, humara adhikar!

Manesar, Haryana: ASTI Workers Strike Updates

श्रम कानूनो में मज़दूर विरोधी संशोधनों के खिलाफ कन्वेंशन

भोपाल गैस काण्ड और नन्हीं कली

As Operation Green Hunt extends to engulf the Western Ghats, what do we stand to lose?

Today’s Bihar: Development Hype and Ground Reality

Dec 5th protests against labour law changes

Indefinite Hunger Strike of Contract Labourers of ECL: A Report

Kanshi Ram: Leader of the Masses (Book Review)

Chhattisgarh: Another accident in the cement industry, or rather criminal negligence ?

Chhattisgarh: report of police brutality on villagers in Kukanar

Modi rule has pushed us into another dark age: D. N. Jha

Statement condemning harassment of released political prisoner

Statement by All India Workers Council in support of nationwide strike of Coal workers

Karnataka: Challakere Villagers Overcome BARC lies to Reclaim Amrit Mahal Kavals

Uttar Pradesh: Statements against police crackdown on students in BHU

One sparrow does not herald a spring – PUDR

Workers’ struggle in Jay Ushin Limited, IMT Manesar

An Account of factory workers artivity today: Maruti Suzuki Cars, Manesar, India

2000 villagers gherao thana to get woman released in Bastar

Protests Across India Against NDA Government’s Attack on Forest Rights

Update of Anti-POSCO Movment

Prof M.S.S. Pandian: A Critical Historian of Non-Brahmin Movement, Culture, Nation

Bhaliaguda Fake Encounter – A Memorandum to the Odisha Governor

West Bengal: Indefinite Hunger Strike of Contract Labourers of Eastern Coalfields Limimited for implementation of New wage Structure

Chhattisgarh: PUCL statement condemning sterilisation deaths

Preliminary fact finding report on the inhuman murders of Dalits in Ahmednagar – Dalit Atyachar Virodhi Kruti Samiti

PUDR Statement: When T-shirts become Seditious

बवाना में साम्प्रदायिक ताकतों की पराजय (Defeat of communalist forces in Bawana)

Statement regarding increasing attacks by the Sangh Pariwar

Faridabad Mazdoor Samachar, November 2014 issue

UP: An investigative report on the attempts to create a communal laboratory in Mewat

PUDR Statement: Justice not Compensation

Delhi: Updates on the situation of communal tension in Trilokpuri

Hindutva Forces trying to Instigate Communal Tension in Bawana, Delhi again

West Bengal: APDR fact-finding report on the recent violence in Makhra

AIFRTE condemns Prime Minister’s Mythology of Science

US-India Bilateral Relations on Intellectual Property — Open Letter to PM

In solidarity with the Munjal Kiriu workers in IMT Manesar

Delhi: A brief fact-finding report of communally instigated tension at Trilokpuri

Delhi: Kathputli Colony facing threats of evictions and police action

Complaint regarding repeated attacks on the Christian community in Chhattisgarh

WSS Statement Against the Restrictions on Soni Sori

Kavita Krishnan on Love Jihad

Towards a Democratic Platform of People’s Struggles: All India People’s Forum

Global Rally against ISIS – for Kobanê – for Humanity!

Investigate Koodankullam Irregularities: Eminent People Urge

Update on powerloom workers strike in Ludhiana

Letter from Nagpur Jail

एक दीप बुझ गया…

Towards a Democratic Platform of People’s Struggles: All India People’s Forum (AIPF)

Gurgaon: Protest Program and Rally Against Anti-Worker Labour Law Reforms

October 2009 – October 2014: Five years of the anti-people Operation Green Hunt!

Update from Maruti Suzuki Workers Union

AIFRTE Condemns Rajasthan Government for Closure of Government Schools in Name of Merger

ALERT: Explosive Situation of Imminent Communal Violence in Bawana/Narela (North-West Delhi)

118th Birth Anniversary Celebrations of Comrade Irabot in Delhi

100 Days of Modi Point to Emergent Disaster

Reflections on the Jadavpur Protests

Condemn the arrest and detention of rights activists by Manipur state government

Protest in front of Telengana Bhawan against burning of hostel room of a dalit student in Osmania University

Telengana: Statement on mass detention and arrests in Hyderabad

Statements condemning police attack on students’ protest at Jadavpur University – AIFRTE, KNS, APDR

What the New Rajasthan Land Acquisition Bill Actually Says

Regular Incomes for All – Lokavidya Jan Andolan Booklet

Mehnatkash, September 2014

Delhi – Destitutes On Their Own Land: A Preliminary Report on Demolitions in Aya Nagar

Haryana: Worker killed at work in POSCO factory in Bawal

Narmada Water for Coca Cola. Government must Rethink.

Haryana: Worker killed at work in POSCO factory in Bawal

West Bengal: Struggle of Coal Workers in Eastern Coalfields against the installation of Bio Metric Attendance system

Europe: Demonstrations demanding the release of political prisoners in India

Tarai, UP- Public Hearing on Non-Implementation of Forest Rights Act, Sept. 9

Attack on the democratic processes in Bastar under the guise of counter insurgency is an issue of concern

’शिक्षक दिवस’ को जनतांत्रिक बनाओ!

AIFRTE Condemns Attempts by Modi Sarkar to Reduce Teachers Day to a Tamasha

Press Release on Sivaramakrishnan Report – Human Rights Forum

Zarb-e-Azb and the Left: On Imperialism’s Materiality

Press note on communal violence in Bhitergaon, Kanpur

NEFIS Strongly Codemns the Re-Arrest of Irom Sharmila

NEFIS Strongly Condems the Killing of Peaceful Protestors in Ukhrul

उत्तराखंड: श्रमकानूनों में डकैती बर्दास्त नहीं, मज़दूर सहयोग केंद्र

On the death of Palestinian poet Samih Al-Qasim

Pancheshwar dam project: Beginning of a new danger in the Himalayas

शिक्षक डायरी : मेरी छात्राओं की शिक्षा यात्रा

Snowpiercer: Revolution after the world ends

Plight of Political Prisoners: Condition inside Hooghly Jail, West Bengal

Faridabad Mazdoor Samachar, August 2014

CDRO Bulletin, August 2014

Madhya Pradesh: People’s struggle to save Mahan forest in Singrauli

Statement Condemning Sexual Harassment of a Gwalior Additional District Judge by a MP High Court Judge

Press Statement from 25th APDR Conference

मोदी सरकार का एजेण्डा नम्बर 1 – रहे-सहे श्रम क़ानूनों की धज्जियाँ उड़ाना

सोनभद्र में सामंतो द्वारा दलित आदिवासियों पर किये गये हमले के मामले में 3 अगस्त को की गई आगे की कार्रवाई की रिपोर्ट

Brazil: Free all political prisoners and End the Extra-State Judicial Persecution and Execution

जेयूसीएस ने इजराइल द्वारा मारे गए पत्रकारों के जज्बे को किया सलाम, साहित्यकार नवारुण भट्टाचार्या को दी श्रद्धांजलि

Gurgaon Workers News June 2014

Relations of Production and Modes of Surplus Extraction in India (Assamese)

उत्तर प्रदेश: सहारनपुर में हुआ संघर्ष स्थानीय प्रशासन के फेल होने का नतीजा-रिहाई मंच

Bihar- AIFRTE Condemns Police Assault on Students in Patna

Declaration on Gaza by Laureates of the Right Livelihood Award

Press Statement on the suspension of an Associate Professor at AMU – AIFRTE

Ramgarh’s Dalits Threatened As They Testify in Court Against Attack

उत्तराखण्ड: ऐरा श्रमिकों पर बर्बर लाठी चार्ज, नेतृत्वकारी मजदूरों व इ.म.के अध्यक्ष की गिरफ्तारी के खिलाफ विरोध प्रदर्शन

Madhya Pradesh: Jan Chetna Yatra July 17- 20 by Chutkha Parmanu Sangharsh Samiti

पंजाब – पावरलूम मज़दूरोंं (लुधियाना) की हड़ताल की रिपोर्ट

Delhi: NEFIS Press Release on the brutal murder of a BPO worker from North-East

NAPM Statement condemning Israeli genocide in Gaza

Political prisoners: CRPP statement on the struggles of Kobad Ghandy and Anup Roy

Delhi: PUDR report on ongoing Wazirpur struggle

The Anarchy Of Sexual Violence In India: Uma Chakravarti – 6th Anuradha Gandhy Memorial Lecture

Delhi – Abduction and arrest of G.N. Saibaba : Statements, Petitions, Reports

Remembering Sushil Roy

West Bengal: Sand-Mining at Dadanpatrabar : A brief (and slightly belated) coastal bulletin

Mississippi Freedom Summer – A personal account

Haryana : A status report on the situation in Bhagana

Sexual Assault on Four Girls in Haryana in the Context of Dalit Rights to Common Land by AFDR, PUDR and WSS A joint team comprising Association for Democratic Rights (AFDR) from Punjab, People’s Union for Democratic Rights (PUDR) and Women against Sexual Violence and State Repression (WSS) from Delhi visited Bhagana village of Hisar district […]

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Lockout at Stump, Schuele, and Somappa: A Citizens’ Fact-finding Report

Fact Finding Report on the Brutal Killing of Sanjay Khobragade in Kawalewada, Gondia

Pakistan: Campaign demanding an end to military operations in FATA

Delhi: Press release from protest against changes in Labour laws by Rajasthan government

First conference of Workers Solidarity Centre (Gurgaon): Press Release

NAPM Statement on the NCA decision to raise the height of Sardar Sarovar Dam

CRPP Statement on the struggle of Palestinian prisoners lodged in Israeli prisons

An Open Letter to Chandan Mitra, Editor of Daily Pioneer

PADS statement on the murder of three young persons in Badaun and Pune

PUDR Statement condemning the targetting of Muslims and the attack on freedom of expression

Delhi: Statement against sexual assault on women protesting against eviction of Bhagana survivors

Open Statement for protection of our constitutional and democratic rights

Delhi : Press Release and Resolutions of the Democracy and Dissent Meeting at the Gandhi Peace Foundation

Uttar Pradesh: PUDR Statement condemning brutal sexual assault and murder of two minors in Badayun

Bihar: PUCL Statement on the ABVP attack on a civil liberties seminar

On Palestine and India: An interview with Samia Al-Botmeh

West Bengal: APDR Statement on voting during May 12

জেলখানায় সাংস্কৃতিক প্রতিরোধ

Remembering Mukul Sinha

Haryana : Press Release from Bhagana Kaand Sangharsh Samiti

West Bengal – APDR Statement on Supreme Court’s Order for a CBI Probe in the Saradha Scam

Suniti Kumar Ghosh (1918-2014)

Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-first Century – some critical commentaries

Rajasthan – Report of police repression on workers of Sriram Piston in Bhiwadi; Memorandum to Chief Minister; Report on deadly attack on worker activists of Gurgaon Mazdoor Sangharsh Samiti and Bigul Mazdoor Dasta

Modi School of Education System

Kerala – Statement against police’s attempt to criminalise activists under the garb of “fighting terror”

Gujarat : Nine mythbusters on 2002 post-Godhra riots

Delhi – Protest against abduction and rape of schoolgirls in Hissar-Haryana; Fact-finding Report

An Un-Ethical Code

Defeating the Forces of Communal-Fascism

Andhra Pradesh: Press Release on Tsundur Judgement of High Court

CPI (Maoist) Spokesperson Comrade Abhay Interview on General Elections – 2014

Some Myths About Muslims

Rana Plaza: A Personal Journey

RCF’s press release on the death of Marquez

দিনলিপি: নির্বাসন পর্ব

Gujarati Muslims can forget Godhra, but what about these economic figures?

Telengana – Electrocution and amputation of limbs of a brick kiln worker

An appeal to the country from social activists in Varanasi

Lok Sabha elections: APDR appeal to voters

वाह रे कारपोरेट मीडिया का ‘लोकतंत्र’ ! मेक्सिको के कुछ सबक

Banbehari Chakraborty (1924-2014)

Haryana : MSWU statement on victory in Maruti Suzuki Union elections

Hey, What Are These Progress And Development? And What Is This Corruption?

PUDR Statement opposing award of death penalty as punishment for rape

RDF Statement on Loksabha Election

Hum Ko Bacha Lo: Death of a Worker in Gurgaon

Appeal For Justice To Prashant Rahi

CDRO Convention :: Press Release

গারদের আঁধার ফুঁড়ে ভোরের আলো

साम्राज्यवादी वैश्वीकरण के दौर में भगत सिंह के विचारों की प्रासंगिकता

Don’t dare to write to Anna, or else Police will come

AIIMS Nurse Suicide: Press Statement on Protest Meeting and Memorandum

Copper Colonialism : Vedanta KCM and the copper loot of Zambia

Andhra Pradesh – HRF Statement against the proposal of major port near Dugarajapatnam-Nellore

The Class and Caste Question: Ambedkar and Marx

Haryana – Workers Solidarity Centre statement in in solidarity with struggling workers of Bajaj Motors, Gurgaon

Assam – NAPM statement condemning arrest of Akhil Gogoi and other KMSS activists

Delhi – NEFIS Press release and memorandum on police atrocities and inaction regarding an attempted rape in Vijay Nagar.

PUCL – A Report on Migrant workers’ palm chopping incident

Remembering Gurudas Pal: The Peoples’ Singer

From the Pen of the Resistance : The Lalgarh Uprising

Press Release condemning the brutal police violence on the activists of VIBGYOR

Chokwe Lumumba (1947-2014)

Delhi – PUDR statement on the looming demolition of Kathputli colony

Independent inquiry into Muzaffarnagar Riots

Haryana – Report on recent workers strikes at Asti and Baxter factories, Manesar

Chhattisgarh – Press Statement against Bhilai Steel Plant’s criminal activites in Rowghat mines

APDR Letter to Anna Hazare : Fact-sheet on West Bengal

PUCL statement on the Supreme Court’s commutation of death sentence of Rajiv Gandhi assassination prisoners and setting constitutional benchmarks on remission

Chandigarh – Press note on struggle against slum demolition and in demand for housing rights for all

WSS Statement on the suicide of Dr Khurshid Anwar, Director ISD

United Tea Workers Front Moves Ahead on Minimum Wages

Blind workers express concern over Rights of Persons with Disabilities Bill

Maharashtra – Letter from undertrial prisoners on hunger strike at Nagpur central prison

Thousands of workers stage demonstration at Secretariat for enacting Contract System abolition Act

Delhi – KNS Open Letter of Protest to SIAM, ACMA, CII in Auto Expo 2014

Battered and Betrayed: A Report of Visit to Muzaffarnagar, 19-20 January 2014

Less Evident Forms of Violence : Muzzafarnagar riots

Haryana – MSWU statement on the success of Autofit Workers Union (Dharuhera) in defending their union rights and rights of contract workers

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