Bihar- AIFRTE Condemns Police Assault on Students in Patna

August 2, 2014

30th July 2014: All India Forum for Right to Education (AIFRTE) condemns the brutal police action on peaceful rally of students’ organisations including All-India Students’ Federation (AISF), All-India Students’ Association (AISA), All-India Democratic Students’ Organisation (AIDSO) and Chatra RJD in Patna on 24th July 2014.

The protesting students were demanding withdrawal of blatantly undemocratic decisions taken by the administration of Patna University in recent past. These included the demand to allot hostels and also to conduct students’ union elections in the university (the elections have been withheld for last two years). The students were also demanding withdrawal of a draconian order issued recently by the Vice-Chancellor to cancel and withhold degrees of those students against whom police cases have been registered after the year 2007. This is a clear step to throttle students’ voice against arbitrary and anti-student policies of the university administration. In fact, the students were forced to stage the protest march only because of stubborn attitude of the VC who has refused so far to even meet his own students and hear their grievances.

The unprovoked police action clearly establishes that the university administration is working hands in gloves with the present regime to impose arbitrary decisions on the students. It is a matter of grave concern that such anti-democratic attitude has become a normal tendency of university administrations and governments (state or the centre) that are bent on enforcing anti-people policies in institutions of higher education and therefore want to crush all progressive-democratic voices against such policies.

Expressing its unqualified support to the students of Patna University who have bravely raised the banner of resistance against undemocratic and anti-student policies of university administration, AIFRTE demands that,

– An independent inquiry should be initiated and action should be taken against the police and administrative officials who ordered lathi-charge on students on 24th July 2014.

– Initiate a judicial inquiry to determine the role of VC in this entire process, including the police attack.

– All demands raised by the students in their 24th July rally should be accepted without any condition.

– All police cases against students for participating in protests and agitations against decisions of the university administration and state government should be immediately withdrawn.

Dr. Meher Engineer, West Bengal

Prof. Wasi Ahmed, Bihar

Sri Prabhakar Arade, Maharashtra

Prof. G. Haragopal, Andhra Pradesh

Prof. Madhu Prasad, Delhi

Prof. Anil Sadgopal, Madhya Pradesh

Prof. K. M. Shrimali, Delhi
Dr. Anand Teltumbde, West Bengal