Gurgaon Workers News June 2014

August 5, 2014

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In the June 2014 issue of GurgaonWorkersNews you can find some significant reports about current struggles in the local industry, amongst others, about mass ‘de-occupations’ of factories from management control by workers in the automobile supply-chain and riots at local garment factories. For further debate, please get in touch:

List of (Dis-)Contents
*** Reports concerning various conditions of proletarian / working class women – For the debate on how the struggle against exploitation in general relates to the struggle against gender (violence) in particular.

* Intro

* Proletarian women on piece-rate work from home in Delhi

* Proletarian women working as surrogate ‘mothers’ in the reproductive industry of Gurgaon

* Proletarian women’s experiences and struggles in Gurgaon/Manesar factories, amongst others, a joint week-long factory occupation with male colleagues at Napino Auto in March/April 2014

*** New film documentary on Maruti Suzuki workers struggle and background information on current automobile struggles
The comprehensive documentary is product of over a year of conversations with workers in the area. The first part documents the general working and living conditions in Delhi’s industrial belt. The second part focuses on the series of occupations and riots at Maruti Suzuki plant. The third part portrays the debate within the political left about these struggles. We summarised some written information on current disputes as background material.

*** Short reports from eight factories in Faridabad, Gurgaon and Delhi
Young workers employed at Agro Engineering, Dhiman Engineering, Ratna Offset, Bright Brothers, Orient Fan, Globe Capacitor, Harsoria Health Care and Delhi metro report about their working conditions.

*** For the revolutionary debate – Translation of ‘Profession and Movement’ by German collective wildcat
The article criticises the trend of increasing ‘professionalisation’ within the (radical) left milieu. Collective search for material conditions of a fundamental rupture with the current state of affairs turns into individual academic research. Processes of self-organisation with other workers is professionalised as paid ‘organiser’-work for the trade union apparatus. We need collective structures in order to break with these tendencies which lead to further individualisation and reproduction of hierarchies.

*** Never mind the bankers… Thoughts on the UK Crisis
We wrote a longer working paper on the current development of crisis and struggles in the UK, which also might be relevant for the debate in other regions.

*** Second issue of ‘The University Worker’
This paper from contains interviews with people employed at universities in Delhi, from teaching staff to maintenance workers – as an effort to find a common organisational process.