Brazil: Free all political prisoners and End the Extra-State Judicial Persecution and Execution

August 5, 2014


On Thursday, 24th July 2014, Brazilian activists Igor D’Icarahy, Camila Jourdan and Elisa Quadros were released from the state custody. This happened only after 24 hours after the Habeas Corpus Application was upheld by Judge Siro Darlan.

Throughout the day, many people gathered and remained protesting outside of the Penitentiary Complex of Bangu, Rio de Janeiro, awaiting the release of the young activists. They were holding posters Placard, shouting slogans. Many friends, family members and colleagues of those political prisoners welcomed them with great joy.

While there were being released, there were some confrontations between the “reactionary Journalists” and the protesters. The Reactionary Media has actively participated in the State Run Campaign of criminalizing the political prisoners throughout the last 12 days while these political activist were incarcerated by the State Police. On Friday 25th July 2014 at 17.00 hr a solidarity action was convened at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and called for “ the Liberation of All the Political Prisoners and the cessation f All Persecuting Processes against the political activists “.

We continue our protest to end the State run persecuting processes against the political activists and the State’s systematic persecution and d politically motivated investigations against activists, grassroots organizations and lawyers who defend the rights of protesters.

The State run campaign of criminalizing the political activists resulted in the arrest of 23 activist is riddled with illegalities and evoked the nightmares of persecution and repression maintained by Brazilian military dictatorship. The cases against the activist are based on baseless, state pre-written scenarios and fabricated evidence reinstated by one witness. The inadmissibility of the evidence is so evident that even the witness himself was amazed by his ability to create such a fictional unsustainable testimony without having a shred of evidence to support it. One would seriously doubt the sincerity of the Brazilian Prosecuting authority and the police The ‘Torture Never Again Group of Rio de Janeiro’, ‘Global Justice’, ‘Movements against Violence’, ‘CEBRASPO’, ‘Union of Journalists of the Rio de Janeiro’ hereby strongly condemn the Brazilian State for intimidating prisoners, by curtailing the right to free speech and free expression, criminalizing social movements, political organizations, lawyers and human rights institutions.

The State has recently exerted their persecuting campaign against the lawyers, who have defended the protesters in different cities like Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Goiania. In Goiania, lawyer Julio Moreira, president of IAPL / International Association of People’s Lawyers, and his partner, lawyer Clarissa, have been subjected to a horrifying and intimidating campaign by e-mail, and unwarranted and illegal surveillance to force them to cease their democratic solidarity work.

Cebraspo, 07/31/2014

A public protest happened in Rio de Janeiro on Thursday 30th July 2014 to support the struggle to uphold the right to manifest freely and e end of the State of Persecution.

Free all political prisoners and End the State Extra Judicial Persecution and Execution!!

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1)Presidência da República
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2)Ministério da Justiça
Exmo. Ministro Dr. José Eduardo Cardozo
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3)Ministério da Defesa
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4)Secretaria Especial de Direitos Humanos da Presidência da República
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9)Subsecretário de Defesa e Promoção dos Direitos Humanos
Sr. Rafael Viola

10)Ministério Público do Estado do Rio de Janeiro
Dr. Nilson Bruno Filho

11)Conselho Estadual de direitos Humanos do Estado do Rio de Janeiro

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