उत्तराखंड: श्रमकानूनों में डकैती बर्दास्त नहीं, मज़दूर सहयोग केंद्र

August 25, 2014


Below is the release from a conference organized by Workers Solidarity Center, Rudrapur, Uttarakhand on 24Aug. All participating organisations and trade unions strongly condemned the latest move of the Central and various State governments to “reform” labour laws in favour of the capitalist class, and stressed on the importance of strengthening working class struggles to fight the same.

It was attended by various trade unions in the area, including Voltas Employess Union, Parle Mazdoor Sangh, LGB Workers Union, Briattania Mazdoor Sangh, Nesle Karamchari Sangathan, Sevanirvit Vidyut Karamchari Sangathan, Pantnagar Karamchari Sangathan, Anand Nishikawa Employees Union, and others. Trade Union and Workers Organisation representatives like CITU, AICCTU, IMK, WSC-Gurgaon and others also participated. A seven member committee to coordinate efforts towards taking forward the struggle against ‘labour reforms’ was also constituted.