West Bengal: Struggle of Coal Workers in Eastern Coalfields against the installation of Bio Metric Attendance system

September 11, 2014

Dear Comrades and friends,

Despite severe protest by the workers and unions, the Jhanjhra Area Management (Jharjhra is a fully mechanised mine of Eastern Coalfileds Limited, situated in Raniganj, district Burdhwan in West Bengal) is implementing an anti-worker biometric attendance system i.e. an attendance system by way of biometric scanning.

A widespread discontent is discernable among the workers, but due to capitulationist stance by the tailist trade unions comprising of CITU(affiliated to CPI M) , INTTUC (affiliated to Trinmool Congress), HMS (social Democrats), BMS (affiliated to BJP), INTUC (affiliated to Congress party), a united action could not be initiated.

But our union the Khan Mazdoor Karmachari Union (IFTU-Sarwahara) [Mine Workers Employee Union (IFTU-Sarwahara*)], has not accepted this system, being installed by the management and has decided to struggle against the installation. We have issued leaflet, in Hindi, Bangla whose English translation is pasted below

KMKU is firm in taking up this struggle and leading it to decisive conclusion.

With Communist Greetings,

MIC pit rally

entering at mouth of 1and 2 pit