Haryana: Worker killed at work in POSCO factory in Bawal

September 13, 2014

received from Krantikari Naujawan Sabha, Delhi

A worker in POSCO factory (yes the same South Korean killing machine which has been militantly resisted by the people in Jagatsingpur, Odisha since 2005) in Bawal, Haryana was killed in the factory while at work today.

Workers at POSCO and in nearby Minda Furukawa in Bawal, Haryana have been in the forefront of struggle, forging an area-wide unity with other workers and peasants in the last more than 5 months, against exploitative and repressive working conditions, scuttling of right to Union formation and contractualisation and insecurity of jobs. After militant demonstrations recently on 1 August, 27 Aug and 1 September, the attack of the united might of the management-labour department-local goonda has increased manifold.

Daily deaths of workers, apart from normal exploitation, are almost a banal reality here in the ‘development’ corridors and zones which the present government is salivating to push to the extremes!

The management and government must answer to the demands of the struggle committee, Bawal.

End the rule of the exploitative killing machine in Gurgaon-Manesar-Bawal !