ALERT: Explosive Situation of Imminent Communal Violence in Bawana/Narela (North-West Delhi)

October 5, 2014

Acting on reports that organized mobs of Hindu fundamentalist forces, who go by the name of ‘Hindu Kranti Sena’, have been creating a situation of fear and terror in Bawana, Narela area of North-East Delhi in the name of supposed ‘cow protection’, a group of activists have prepared the following update.

On 2nd October 2014, Hindu fundamentalist forces mobilized around 200 youths who came riding motorcycles and Maruti cars, heavily armed with rods, lathis, phawras (scythes), slashers, trishuls, etc. They paraded openly in the area under police protection, threatening and harassing citizens. They heckled one man, who’s Hindu by religion, and makes his living with a single cow, accusing him of bringing it for slaughter. When he protested, the police tried to ‘help’ by asking him to hand over the cow to the police, and harassed him further when he refused. The local police instead of providing confidence to the oppressed communities, brought in cold drinks for the local fundamentalist agitator against whom a complaint was sought to be registered for inciting violence. On 3rd October in the daytime, these forces blocked the roads and tried to create an atmosphere of terror.

On 4th Oct evening, when the principal of a local Madrassa was talking to the SHO of Narela P.S., they were shouting slogans outside the police station. Incidentally, this ‘Hindu Kranti Sena’ is the same organisation which has been involved in numerous such acts of fundamentalist terror. The Indian Express reports that in the beginning of the year, they attacked AAP members during Republic Day celebrations on 26th January in Amritsar, to terrorize non-BJP groups in Punjab. In view of the up-coming elections in Haryana (which borders Bawana) on 15th October, they are again trying to harness communal frenzy and threat of, or actual violence towards electoral gains. Bawana is a huge resettlement colony of 3-4 lakhs in the JJ colony itself, where working class people from demolished slums and small-scale industries are pushed to the margins in increasing numbers with absolutely no civic amenities, next to no public spending on schools, hospitals, roads, public transport or sewage systems. It is to control and misdirect this legitimate discontent that communal violence under the slogan of ‘gau raksha’ is sought to be mobilized.

The provoking posters that have come up across Bawana and Narela in the past few days make it clear that this is an open call for communalized violence. Rumours are circulating that these Hindu communal forces are mobilizing youth from 50 nearby villages to attack Muslims in the area on 5 October, just before Id celebrations, fomenting religious tension. People of the area are demanding deployment of RAF or CRPF as they do not have faith in the local police. As the situation unfolds, the threat of violence looms large on the people of Bawana JJ Colony.

Please call and ask the authorities to immediately intervene and deploy more police and security forces, and take action against these fundamentalist forces:

Najeeb Jung,
Lt. Governor, Delhi
[Contact: Principal Secretary to Lt. Governor]
011-23962988; 011-23941458; Fax: 011-23920225

Commissioner of Police, Delhi
011-23490201; Fax: 011-23722052
Post Box No.: 171, G.P.O., New Delhi

DCP North-West Delhi
011-27229835; Fax: 011-27462222

DCP/Outer Delhi
011- 27034874; Fax: 27034873

Harish, Nayan, Noor Zaheer, Santosh