Delhi: Kathputli Colony facing threats of evictions and police action

October 31, 2014



Dangerous nexus among DDA, Delhi Police and Builder growing !

Threats to use police force to evict residents of Kathputli colony soon;

Violations of Master Plan and Hon. High Court orders continue !

Dear Friends,

As you know, the residents of Kathputli colony are being denied housing rights inspite of having several documents to prove eligibility under the PPP project initiated by the DDA to redevelop the slum. At the same time there has been absolute silence on being accountable for the numerous violations of the Delhi master plan 2021 and the orders of the Hon. High Court in this matter. The residents have continuously raised their concerns with the DDA in a legal manner but have been harassed by the DDA, builder and the Delhi police for doing so. Inspite of Hon. High Court orders, police force has been used against the residents in a brutal manner and the DDA is reportedly preparing to evict residents with the help of the Police again.

Todays’ Dainik Jagran (31-10-2014) has made baseless accusations and stated that the redevelopment of Kathputli colony is being stalled by mafia. It is ironic that the same argument was used earlier as well against 16 residents and a case was also filed against them by Mr. S.P. Auluck of DDA and others. However, the case was heard by the Magistrate, Kamla Market and he gave a decision that none of the accusations were found to be true. The 16 residents who were named in this case were active in representing the concerns of all residents and have even been petitioners in the case (BHULE BISRE KALAKAR CO-OPERATIVE INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTION SOCIETY LTD. & ORS vs. UNION OF INDIA AND ORS.) filed in the Hon. High Court. The orders that declare the 16 residents free of any such charges is attached.

The resurvey mentioned in this article (Dainik Jagran), has also been surrounded by corruption and arbitrary behavior of DDA officials to exclude residents from the list of eligible/beneficiary families inspite of having all required documents. The residents have continuously brought to the notice of DDA , verbally and in written, all the problems with the survey procedures and non compliance to DDA’s own policy and survey guidelines.  Till today, the residents do not know if they are eligible or not, and whether they will have a roof over their heads if they leave Kathputli Colony which has been home to them for over 50 years. This re-survey was undertaken by the DDA after the Hon. High Court’s orders that direct them to ensure that no genuine family is rendered homeless.

We are shocked that inspite of orders prohibiting use of force by the Hon. High Court, force has been used against the residents of Kathputli Colony and on the night of 11th August 2014,  Delhi police unleashed a reign of terror in Kathputli colony on the pretext of attempting to ‘stop a tussle among some people’. Many residents were beaten up, women were sexually assaulted and threatened to vacate land by the police. The Joint Commissioner (central range) Mr. Sandeep Goyal also met with the residents and stated that the police has no right to force/threaten people to vacate land. Yet, we are being ‘informed’ by the article published in Dainik Jagran today that the DDA is preparing to evict us soon with the use of police force and that the ministry has been approached to initiate this process.  (Dainik Jagran article attached.)

According to the Hon. High Court orders,

1.       All genuine families must be included in the list of beneficiaries.

2.       Transit camp at Anand Parbat should be improved and made more livable.

3.       DDA must respond to the violations of the Master Plan 2021 found in the site plan prepared by DDA and Raheja Developers.

4.   Until then, no force shall be used to forcefully shift people of Kathputli Colony.

Any action by the Delhi Police to forcefully evict residents from Kathputli colony is a direct violation of the Hon. High Court orders.

Many of you were present with us in Kathputli Colony after the police brutalities committed against us on the night of 11th August 2011. We have also filed complaints regarding this action with the National Human Rights Commission, National Commission for Women and the Delhi Police.  While inquiries have been initiated by the National Human Rights Commission, the Delhi police is yet to file an F.I.R in the case of sexual assaults on women during this police action.

We are concerned that while publishing baseless accusations on the residents of Kathputli colony, we are in the danger of losing our right to housing and that the DDA is preparing to evict many slums, apart from Kathputli Colony, in the city to ensure that Private builders can reap huge profits from public land and resources. The land earmarked and reserved for economic activities of the poor has been illegally transferred to the builder under this PPP slum redevelopment project where the builder has been allowed to have selling rights on the commercial complex to earn more profits. There are several other violations that we have raised with the DDA but have not been given any answers on them. Who then, is the real mafia ??

We hope that you will stand by us in these times and will work towards ensuring that we are not subjected to injustice.

On behalf of Residents of Kathputli Colony

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Dilip Bhatt : 9873361295
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