Uttar Pradesh: Statements against police crackdown on students in BHU

November 25, 2014

Against Brutal Crackdown, In Solidarity with BHU Students’ Struggle for Campus democracy: A Report of JNUSU Gen Secy Visit to BHU

JNUSU General Secretary visited BHU on 25 Nov, in the backdrop of massive crackdown on BHU students and in solidarity with their struggle for democratic students’ union election.

She met a large number of students who shared their traumatic experience since last week. Hundreds of students are still in jail with falls cases slapped on them. Some of the students, who were released from the jail after 4 days and only after signing bond, said that they were treated like criminals in jail, they were brutally beaten up by the police and even forced to take off their under clothes.

The whole campus was turned into a cantonment. 5 hostels have been vacated. Even VH PH students were not spared. Two students got hit by bullets and one has been severely injured on his head by lathi-charge and was in ICU.

She also visited BHU hospital and met Shivam who got hit by bullet and still in serious condition. Despite his trauma, he emphasised the need for a national level unity against this rampant denial of democratic atmosphere in campuses.

Exam schedule has been announced but many students who come from rural area are facing severe difficulty regarding where to stay and prepare for the exams. Students are also facing pressure from their families to go back in view of the tense situation in the campus.

Many of the students who got released from jail said that different party leaders (from SP, Congress, BJP etc.) came to see them in jail, but their real question of campus democracy was not addressed by these leaders. Democratic minded students of BHU also held a Hunger Strike outside BHU.

Students of BHU are unitedly demanding:

· Release of students who were being charged with many falls cases without ant delay
· Stringent Hostel timings be relaxed in both girls and boys hostels
· Speedy restoration of hostels.
· Immediate declaration of the date for the students union election
· Better . treatment of students injured by police lathichrge and hit by bullets.
· Stringent action against guilty BHU administration and police who were involved in this brutal crackdown.

JNUSU salutes the spirit of the BHU students who are determined to carry forward their struggle against all odds, posed by the draconian University administration, state machinery and manipulative political forces. JNUSU resolves to stand in firm solidarity with the students of BHU in these difficult times. We are determined to strengthen the struggle against the organised state repression to suppress students struggle and democratic voices of the student community in campuses across the country.


Statement from JNUSU

Shame on PM Modi, Who Used BHU Premises for Flagging Off His Own Election Campaign in Varanasi But Calculatedly Suppressing Students’ Election and Campus Democracy in BHU!

Stop the Continuing Repression, Witch-Hunt and Hostel Evacuation by the BHU Administration and Police!

Last few days have seen massive crackdown on BHU students demanding restoration of Students Union election, which stands stalled since 1997. After the Lyngdoh committee Recommendation which says that student union elections should be held in each and every university, BHU students started demanding the resumption of their proper union elections but the BHU administration kept stone-walling the demand. In 2012, BHU administration adopted the via-route of so-called ‘Students’ Council,’ which was a puppet in the hands of the administration as the chairman of this council was a Professor!!As the demand for proper Students’ Union was never fulfilled, the protests and the voices of the students never remained silent.

The new government came with an assurance for the students in BHU that the union elections will restored. On the eve of PM Modi’s recent visit to Varanasi, the students intensified their movement and compelled the BHU administration to assure that the union elections will be held by 20th Nov.

But, soon after, the administration breached its promise and came up with an idea of conducting an ‘online referendum’, asking the student community whether they want the ‘Students Council’ or not. Then the administration declared on their own that the students have ‘no problem’ with the ‘Students Council’ and went ahead with the formation of the ‘Students Council!’

Against this arbitrary action, students organised a protest in front of the Central office. A delegation from the protestors was called inside the office for negotiation and was badly beaten up. As this news spread in the campus, the student community came out on roads in large numbers to protest this administrative high-handedness and violence.

Massive State Crackdown: The administration dealt this situation in its habitual and typical style, and ordered the police to lathicharge and fire. As a result of this, two students are injured by bullets and are in a critical situation, one being in coma. More than 200 students are injured and hospitalised at present. Police also entered inside hostels, brutally lathicharged, forcefully evacuated and sealed few of the hostels. End semesters are close and the students are facing situations where they are being thrown out of their hostels. Students who were simply demanding a proper union election are being brutalised and cheated again and again by the administration and the government.

Shameful double-game of ABVP: Restoration of Students Union is a long standing demand of all common students of BHU. Several students’ groups and numerous common students are part of the struggle. Sangh-brigade have always maintained a stranglehold over BHU administration. ABVP, with the overt and covert backing of this powerful saffron lobby in the BHU administration, had routinely indulged in lumpen and violent activities and gone scot-free. In the present struggle also, which was going on in a democratic manner, ABVP made an appearance only to indulge in uncalled-for violence and provide fodder to the administration’s ‘justification’ for a brutal police crackdown. It is interesting to see how ABVP has disappeared from the scene having done their ‘job’ as agent-provocateurs, while hundreds of common students are bearing the brunt of police and administrative repression, violence and witch-hunt. It is obvious to the students of BHU that ABVP is playing a double-game, with cold calculation, of trying to show that they are with the movement while at the same time acting in a manner for facilitating police brutality and chaos and strengthening the hands of the government and the administration to keep the elections at bay under the pretext of ‘unfavorable law and order!’ This is the typical tactics of the ruling class politics in campuses. It is high time ABVP’s double-game as agent provocateurs in democratic students movement has to be nailed and defeated.

Stand by the democratic aspirations and struggle of BHU students: When we are in a movement against LCR, BHU students movement is also a fight against the Lyngdoh model which allows the administration to permanently scuttle students union election via the route of puppet ‘Students Council.’ The BHU situation has once again exposed the ruling class agenda behind the LCR. BHU student movement rejects the so-called ‘students council’ which remains a puppet in the hands of the administration.

The JNUSU expresses its solidarity with the common students of BHU against the administrative and police repression, violence and witch-hunt and for the restoration of Students Union election.


Statement from Bhagat Singh Chhatra Morcha

[The following statement has been released by BCM to protest against the police crackdown on students in BHU who are fighting for their right to unionise. – Ed]

बीएचयू में छात्रसंघ आंदोलन

छात्र एकता ज़िंदाबाद ! मुकम्मल छात्रसंघ बहाल करो !!
गिरफ्तार छात्रों को तत्काल रिहा करो !
बीएचयू में छात्रसंघ आंदोलन पर पुलिसिया दमन का विरोध करें !!
विश्वविद्यालय प्रशासन व गुंडा तत्वों के मिलीभगत से छात्रसंघ आंदोलन को बदनाम करने व छात्र एकता को तोड़ने की शाजिस का पर्दाफास करें !!!
विश्वविद्यालय परिसर से पुलिस व पीएसी को तत्काल बहार निकालो !!!!
निकाले गए छात्रों की हॉस्टल व्यवस्था को तत्काल बहाल करो !!!!!

साथियों ,

बीएचयू में पिछले कई दिनों से छात्र परिषद के बहिष्कार व मुकम्मल छात्रसंघ की बहाली के लिए चल रहा आंदोलन अब एक खतरनाक मोड़ पर पहुंच गया है । धरना, प्रदर्शन व भूख हड़ताल से होते हुए यह आंदोलन शांतिपूर्ण तरीके से आगे बढ़ रहा था | लेकिन छात्रों के तमान विरोधो व आंदोलनों के बावजूद वि०वि० प्रशासन ने छात्र परिषद चुनाव कराने की तिथि घोषित कर दी | प्रशासन के इस निर्णय ने आग में घी डालने का काम किया | इस तरह से बेहद शांतिपूर्ण तरीके से चल रहा आंदोलन उग्र रूप लेने लगा | छात्रों ने कक्षा बहिष्कार शुरू कर दिया और वि०वि० से लगे गेटो को बंद कर दिया |

स्थिति तब बहुत ज्यादा बिगड़ गयी जब प्रशासन के निर्देश पर पुलिस व पीएसीने आन्दोलनरत छात्रों पर लाठीचार्ज कर दिया | इस घटना से छात्र उग्र हो गए और पुरे वि०वि में छात्रों व पुलिस के बीच गुरिल्ला संघर्ष छिड़ गया | इस संघर्ष में बिरला ,राजाराम व लाल बहादुर शास्त्री आदि छात्रावासों के छात्रों की अग्रणी भूमिका रही | संघर्ष को उग्र रूप लेता देख कुलपति ने छात्र परिषद चुनाव को रद्द करने की घोषणा कर दी | लेकिन जैसा की हमेशा से होता आ रहा है प्रशासन ने एक बार फिर बांटो और राज करो की नीति को अपनाया | वि०वि० प्रशासन ने कुछ गुंडा तत्वों व सत्ताधारी राजनितिक पार्टियों के दलालों की मिलीभगत से एक बार फिर छात्र एकता को तोड़ने व छात्रसंघ को बदनाम करने की साजिश शुरू कर दी | और अगले ही दिन यानी २१ नवम्बर को वि०वि० में छात्रसंघ बहाली के लिए चल रहा आंदोलन बिरला बनाम ब्रोचा छात्रावास व साईंस बनाम आर्ट्स के आपसी मुठभेड़ का शिकार हो गया |

इस स्थिति का फायदा उठाते हुए वि०वि० प्रशासन व जिला प्रशासन ने कैम्पस को पुलिस छावनी में बदल दिया | सैकड़ो -हजारो की संख्या में पुलिस व पीएसी के जवान कैम्पस में गश्त करने लगे | छात्रों को बेरहमी से पीटा गया | बिरला ,राजाराम व लाल बहादुर शाश्त्री छात्रावास को बलपूर्वक खली करा दिया गया | इसके लिए हॉस्टल वार्डेन को सूचित करना भी जरुरी नहीं समझा गया | सैकड़ो की तादात में छात्रों को गिरफ्तार कर जेल में भेज दिया गया | हॉस्टल कर्मचारियों और वार्डेन को भी नहीं बख्शा गया |करीब डेढ़ दर्जन छात्रों पर गंभीर धाराए लगायी गयी हैं |

बीसीएम छात्रसंघ बहाली जैसे बुनियादी व लोकतांत्रिक माँगो के पुलिसिया दमन का तीखा विरोध करता है तथा प्रशासन से तत्काल सभी छात्रों को रिहा करने व उनकी हॉस्टल व्यवस्था को बहाल करने की मांग करता है | तथा छात्रों से अपील करता है कि वह आपसी एकता व एकजुटता को बनाये रखे व छात्रसंघ बहाली के आंदोलन को जारी रखें |