Delhi: Protest on repeal of AFSPA – North-East Forum for International Solidarity (NEFIS)

December 24, 2014

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City Editor
Date: 20.12.14

Large number of activists and North-East students protest at Jantar Mantar for repeal of AFSPA
Protesters demand debate in Lok Sabha during winter session

Today, a large number of North-East students, democratic individuals and activists from North-East Forum for International Solidarity (NEFIS) gathered at Jantar Mantar, Delhi, to demonstrate against the continued enforcement of the draconian legislation, Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA). The activists spoke of the unconstitutional nature of the legislation and how it was being used to suppress the democratic aspirations of people across the country. At the protest, NEFIS representative, Chinglen Khumukcham, argued that the legislation’s enforcement across various states in the country and the unwillingness of successive governments to initiate a debate on the floor of the house on the question of AFSPA’s enforcement, was indicative of the fact that in reality the Indian state readily uses a large section of its armed forces to suppress the voice of its own citizens rather than foreign infiltrators.

As the protest persisted, a delegation went to submit a memorandum at the Office of the Speaker (Lok Sabha), demanding an immediate debate on the Armed Forces Special Powers Act before the close of the winter session, i.e. 22 December. The gathering vowed that even if the Speaker’s Office failed to intervene in the matter and help initiate the much-required debate in the Lok Sabha, the struggle for the repeal of this draconian, undemocratic law will persist across the country. It was decided that Delhi will be used as a centre of the campaign and struggles against AFSPA will be continuously coordinated across affected states as well as in other parts of the country where the campaign will conscientiously reach out to the youth.

Chinglen Khumukcham
North-East Forum for International Solidarity (NEFIS)
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