On Saibaba: A letter on denial of basic medical facilities in jail

February 13, 2016

Dear friends,

Dr.G. Ramadevudu, brother of Saibaba met him in Nagpur Central Prison recently. He was witness to the shocking details of the torturous conditions within the prison in which Saibaba is struggling for his life. His brother was appalled by the denial of basic medical facilities despite Court Orders as well as a country wide outrage against the inhuman treatment that is being meted out to Saibaba in the Prison. If his treatments are not revived at an emergency basis and if he is forced to stay in the hostile prison conditions Saibaba’s growing ailments will become life threatening.

Ramdev observed that He looked very tired and weak. The jail authorities so far since 25th December 2015 did not provide him any medical treatment even though doctors at Delhi advised him to continue the present treatment to sustain the functioning of left shoulder nervous system. He is taking medicines which have been allowed into the Jail at the time of his surrender. The doctors of Jail hospital are also not responding. In the last 40 days or so, his BP was checked by them only thrice.  The facilities which were extending to him previously at the Jail by the orders of the sessions court earlier were withdrawn. The authorities informed that he should get fresh similar orders again from the court.  He wrote letters to Jail superintendent and Honorable Judge of Gadchiroli sessions court informing his difficulties. There is no response from the jail authorities. The court did not pass any orders pending reply from the public prosecutor. The facilities which were extend to him previously at the Jail by the orders of the sessions court earlier were withdrawn. The authorities informed that he should get fresh similar orders again from the court. He wrote letters to Jail superintendent and Honourable Judge of Gadchiroli sessions court informing his difficulties. There is no response from the jail authorities. The court did not pass any orders pending reply from the public prosecutor.

Since the medical treatment is stopped, the shooting pain of his left shoulder increased. Three muscles of the left shoulder, which responded to the treatment at Delhi are now stopped responding and going back to old condition. The improvement in the lateral movements of left hand due to the medical treatment is now coming to a stop due to lack of further medical management. The damage of nerves on the left hand shoulder worsen and may lead permanent impairment if the treatment is not continued. His right leg joint seems to be weakened. The Hip joint is regularly paining which is a new development.  As a result he is unable sit even short time on the wheel chair. Gall bladder problem seems to be relapsed and hence unable to digest the food. It has become now again difficult to pass urine, which may be attributed to relapse of Kidney problems.

These observations by Dr. Ramdev are shocking and once again reveal the persistent torture that Saibaba is being subject to inside the prison. The medical condition of Saibaba is extremely serious and if his treatments are not revived as soon as possible, then his ailments will become life threatening. The gradual muscle atrophy in his left hand was being treated and gradually regenerated, while Saibaba was out on bail. If this treatment is not resumed once again then his muscles will be damaged beyond any recovery. Being 90% disabled and wheel chair bound, Saibaba is heavily dependent on his hands, one of which is being destroyed by the hostile prison conditions and the cruel prison authorities. We must collectively ensure that Saibaba is granted immediate bail on medical grounds, so that his treatments immediately resume.

Vasantha Kumari A S