Police crackdown on workers of Honda

February 27, 2016

In another event of police repression of workers, today more than 200 Honda workers have been manhandled and arrested by the Police in Rajasthan. The Honda workers of Tapukeda who have been agitating since the last week have been lathicharged by the police at the behest of the company administration in a bid to quash the movement of the workers. Today the workers had organized a rally from Gandhi Hospital Maidan to Honda Chowk in order to protest against the state sponsored Repression of the workers. However evem before the workers could even start properly assembling themselves in form of a rally. The police charged at them to disperse the gathering but when the workers resisted them hauled them into buses.The police has arrested more than 200 workers. The repression of the workers right to organize themselves and get a union registered was the beginning of the trouble at the Honda factory of Tapukhera. The workers had been trying to form their union, aware of this fact the factory administration in conjunction with the labour department was trying to sabotage the workers initiative. On 16 feb while the workers were observing a sit in strike after a supervisor manhandled a worker upon the latter’s refusal to work overtime. While the worker representatives were discussing the issues with the management. The factory management’s hired goons and police lathicharged at the workers assaulting them and throwing them out of the plant while regaining control of the plant. As the workers tried to assemble and discuss a plan of further action the police started a combing operation to arrest and detain any worker they deemed a threat to the factory management. Workers were picked up from their lodges at night without any proper procedure being followed. The whereabouts of many of the arrested workers are still unknown. The factory management has dismissed more than 4 workers and suspended 8 workers. The workers tried to hold a meeting but they were prevented from entering Tapukhera. The workers supporting the striking workers of Honda from Bhiwadi, Dharuheda then held a meeting a Manesar. But the state sponsored terror that had been unleashed on the workers still has not ceased. While the cases of JNU president and Rohith Vehmula are being debated in the parliament and a growing rise in the number of such fascist attacks are being debated the intensity and brutality of the attacks on the workers rights are on a surge. The Repression and trampling of workers agitation and labelling of the striking workers as anti-national is a clear example of how fascism works by ostracizing students and workers alike.

Report by Automobile Industry Contract Workers union