A letter to Rohith when the state attacks for ‘class collaboration’ and we stand for our right to emancipation

March 24, 2016

By Dhrupadi Ghosh

Dear Rohith,

‘Your body has got star colours/In emptiness they looked more silvery/When we paint you our brushes turn brighter/They clasp the dream even nearer /To batter the brahmanism that butchers the stars and the light dots…But you are the dreamer, so are we, the fury of nature/That holds its greens even deeper”. Rohith, how we thought that, Dadri lynching was not an isolated episode in an ‘expansionist’ India where Muslims and Dalits are getting targeted by brahmanical hindutva forces. It’s a routinized onslaught to eradicate the ‘inauthentic protestors ‘who have been fighting an institutional murder of yours’.

State has been exercising a different mechanism of media blackout. A complete media blackout on an authorized brutality at UoH is not an unforeseen feature. The despotic state would behave this way only. But it’s also a time on our end when a coordinated stroke can be taken forward with the common students getting united against a brutal grinding machine. The university space has converted into war zones like Bastar, Kashmir, Nagaland or Manipur. In Pedras Village, the state deploys paramilitary to force Adivasi women in a ‘Naxalite Test’. To pass the test she is forced to take out milk from her breasts. If she disagrees the military men tear her clothes. If she fails the test she is ‘counted’ since the ‘Naxalites’ don’t marry. And during the patrolling women are sexually abused, raped and beaten up. It’s  a state that has deployed and deported 1,20,000 paramilitary, police and commando forces to crush the anti-displacement mass struggle and planned aerial attacks with the sole motives of Capital investment and Salwa Judum-2.It’s an Indian state that has been digging graves for 235 nameless bodies in Baramullah, Kashmir. 8,000 disappeared but the interrogation centres increase in numbers after PAPA2. It’s an ‘authentic’ state where bodies of Md. Majloom (34) and Azad Khan (15) were battered and hanged from tree by ‘Gau Raksha activists’. The brahmanical hindutva forces have been attacking not only Muslims and  Dalits but Christians, Adivasis, women, other oppressed genders, workers, peasants, and oppressed nationalities. During the time of Dadri lynching a 90 year old Dalit man named Chimaa Ahirwar was killed and set ablaze in wide day-light in Bilgaon village of Hamirpur by a leading caste criminal, Sanjay Tiwari for the ‘offense’ of  entering temple. Here in this Hindu-state, man slaughter is a minor criminal act than cow slaughter. In Mujaffarpur town, Bhagwan Bazar area 27 year old Nanhak Nat an oppressed caste man was assassinated to death by a mob in broad day light for the ‘crime’ of cattle-trade! Similarly thirteen years back five Dalit youth – Dayachand, Virendra, Kailash, Tota Ram and Raju – were burnt to death by a Hindu mob in front of Dulina Police Post in Jhajhar, in front of the police and several senior district officials, on the suspicion that they have slaughtered cow.

These mass lynching are inflamed, premeditated and performed by the forces that works on ‘class collaboration’ to suppress the ‘class conflict’. Oppressed peoples’ living , resources , philosophy, religious practices,   come under unrelenting assaults by the same expansionist ruling classes and their agents who threaten , abuse and intimidate and methodically exercise assault to maintain ‘criminality’ in the terrain of hegemony and power. The immaculately planned assault by rss, has emboldened the state ‘as a highest spiritual object’as a ‘religious revivalist’ like ‘one nation under Hindu God’. No, I am not talking about 1950’s religious revivalism. Emitting venom against people to erode debate and dissent, starting from Ghar Wapsi to Love Jihad to Gau-Raksha state has been deporting all weapons to target Muslims, Dalits and socially marginalised people. Govindacharya had held series of meetings with hindu religious figures and ‘cow-protection activists’ to launch a countrywide campaign to publicly bring out ‘cow mother’s manifesto’.Where it is described that this is a matter of faith of sanathan dharma, therefore not a matter subject to the arguments of the nonbelievers. Also written that cow slaughter is a crime comparable to manslaughter. Hence rss openly announces that the ‘Hindus should lynch the cow smugglers’.  Ambedkar mentions in ‘the untouchables, who were they and why they became untouchables’ the beef eating oppressed caste became untouchables by brahmanical elites’. To make the hindutva continue the ‘concern’ of ‘idealism through sentiment’ was brought to orchestrate communal fanaticism.

When we talk about truth, rationalism and reasoning, we politically and theoretically bring dialectic which stands on a theory of struggle. The struggle against profiling of communities, false propaganda, witch hunting, assaults and rapes are the challenges in front of the progressive section of the society who feel that the world is not made of order but struggle. Justice for the murders would only be ensured when the dissent would denounce the opportunists’ sabotage in society. How do we see unifying secular democratic forces in society in a regime of totalitarianism?

 Under capitalist structure the Hindu upper castes begin to think all their problems are there because of the socially marginal communities and they start pogrom against them. This is the time when institutes deport   paramilitaries or deploy lynch mob. These are subjective elements, intentional forces of fascism. How Marx put it that the world is not made out of order but struggle. The subjectively reactionary forces are ‘community policing’ and ‘lynch mob’. What is the nature of human society and what is human nature?Like in fascism , human nature is one of integration. Integration depends on unified, singular and authentic against split, multiple and inconsistent. The fundamental question of fascism lies on what would an authentic society look like. ‘A given society must live authentically dedicate to a single ideal arising out of the group ’, no society can stand ‘traitors’ or the ‘infection’ of others who might contaminate the ideal. Cleansing of inauthenticity ensures the eradication of conflict, or contradiction which is very important for a democratic society. ‘There is contradiction everywhere ,does it become antagonistic or lead to intense struggle or lead to non-antagonistic struggle ,like debate and discussion’ opens up the dialectic of one divides into two. This contradiction only helps to fight against the ‘class collaboration’, like we all are ‘Hindus’ which sprouts to suppress the class conflict against integrating class into one. In Dadri,Police worked as ‘de-facto’ militaries to sustain the ‘criminality ‘as the highest single principle. Interestingly, the ‘Capitalist structural dialectic of order by policing ‘is objectively anti-people.

In a field a radical subject always entails a political subject that expresses political move or organises to move as subject. ‘Truth, that is exception to all the languages and bodies’ is the sole possible element to rupture the subject of ‘alienation’ and ‘isolation’ in a field that ‘mobilizes lynch mass’ to uphold ‘criminality’ to maintain a capitalist system in a regime of ‘death sentence’ and ‘openly terroristic action’.Rohith, we’ll certainly conquer the damp pages and bury the rot in parliament, the courts and ministry with the stars and the light dots /to brighten the paint of our dream that blots”.