Noida: Report on Strike at LG Electronics

July 25, 2016

Workers of LG Electronics at Greater Noida have been on strike from 11 July against the unjust transfer of 11 leaders and on the issue of the Charter of Demands.

This main unit of LG, which is 19 years old and manufactures refrigerators, washing machines, microwaves, compressors etc, has not allowed a workers union till date. The workers have a 9 AM to 6 PM shift under heavy work pressure. They have to reach the company by 8.30 AM to attend exercise session etc before the shift, and then they have to do compulsory overtime of three hours till 9 PM.

There are around 800 permanent workers, including 75-80 women workers, and 1500 contract workers. The workers started the process of union formation from 26th January this year.

On 11th May, they submitted their collective Charter of Demands, on which the management refused any discussion. Though the workers are of Operator and Technician category, the Management some how established in the court that the President, General Secretary and one other member of the union were not within ‘worker’, but Staff under Supervisor category, and thus quashed the process of union formation.

Then on 9th July, 11 workers whose names were on the registration file were transferred. Then on 11th July, these 11 workers were not allowed to enter the factory and their ID cards snatched! Immediately the workers struck work and sat inside the plant. Around 200 workers remained outside started a sit-in demonstration in front of Gate no. 1. As the strike continues, the management, local administration, police and bouncers from nearby villages are putting pressure on the workers and threatening them.

On July 20, 3 workers were picked up by the police under charges of restricting contract workers from entering the plant. Also local bouncers have been allowed to enter the plant, stay there and threaten the workers.

Workers from Honda, Yamaha, Denso, Moser Bear etc. from Greater Noida and Noida came in solidarity!
Also representatives from Maruti Manesar came in solidarity!

Against all odds, the struggle of LG workers is going on.