Old Wine In New Bottle: Imposing Sanskrit, Vedas and Yoga

August 22, 2016

Ambedkar-Periyar Study Circle

(An independent student body recognized by IIT Madras)

Another step towards Hindu Rashtra

The regime of Modi is going to achieve its long term goal. Yes, at any cost the versatile Indian culture will be converted into monocultured, Hindu-Hindi-(H)India. The recent moves of the ruling BJP proves this quick phase change, without a doubt. It is very well known fact that, for the spast two years the various hindutva activities are imposed with the help of its state authority. Starting from, the change of name boards of various departments of IITs from English to sanskritized Hindi, Teachers day into “ Guru Utsav ”, steps towards changing official language as Hindi-Sankrit in all central government offices, celebrating and promoting the international Yoga day as a launch vehicle for Sanskrit imposition, promoting the RSS ideologues as chairpersons or HOD’s of various educational and research institutes etc. Particularly, for the past six months the BJP government’s move towards this sankritization of Indian education system is very fast than ever.

During mid of February 2016 the MHRD constituted a committee, headed by retired IAS officer N.Gopalsamy, submitted its document with ten years perspective plan to prepare a vision and roadmap document along with action plans for the development of Sanskrit in India. The committee also suggested promoting Sanskrit as a scientific lingua franca from Kindergartens to research level. Later this, on first week of April 2016 the HRD Ministry has dispatched an advisory notice to all Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) to consider the idea of offering Sanskrit as an elective course to their students. It also advised the IITs to create posts and appoint teachers for the above purpose with the approval of their respective Board of Governors.

Immediately after the previous announcement, on May of 2016, the ruling BJP government proposed to form of the vedic education board (Veda vidya), that will be set up under the Maharshi Sandipani Rashtriya Veda Vidya Pratishthan (MSRVVP), a Vedic education organization that operates out of Ujjain. This will be the country’s first Vedic education board. According to the report, this will be a fully-funded autonomous body under the HRD ministry that will conduct programmes to promote the Vedas. To set up the board, a five-member government panel has suggested an initial fund of Rs 6 Crore. The proposed Vedic education board will function much like the Central Board of Secondary Education, the report added. “Ved Vidya” is practised at various gurukuls and ved pathshalas across the country.

The government’s proposal will bring these under the ambit of a Central board, which could eventually cater around 50,000 students, the report claims. As we mentioned in our previous talk given by Dr.Anil sadgopal on “Recolonization of India: Circle is closing Faster through New-Education Policy dictated by WTO-GATS!”, the hindutva and corporates will join together for the fastest recolonization of India. Now, the new education policy (NEP-2015) has changed into the brand new draft on National education policy (NEP-2016) evidently confirms our previous statements, the ways of infiltrating hindutva ideology with the aid of multinational corporates (The full report on draft of NEP-2016 is available with us).

Aforementioned points are the moves suggested by N.Gopalsamy committee within a short period of six months. By imposing Sanskrit as one of the primary teaching language, the minds of school or college leaving students will be as like as RSS ideologues. This will further help to institutionalize the concept of Hindu nationalism. Other than this, there is no easier way to achieve their monocultured Hindu-Hindi-(H)India, the ultimatum is Hindu Rashtra, the longtime dream of Swayam Sevaks. Already, most of the Indian people are enslaved by English mania with imperialistic degenerative culture. The ruling BJP government imposing vedic culture and Sanskrit for further enslavement with the establishment of its long term goal for Akant Bharath. To validate their moves, the BJP, RSS and all Hindutva outfits are claiming that, our ancient society was made out of, one and only vedic culture. But in reality ours is multifaceted culture were many of our ancestors practiced lokayata (nothing but ancient Indian materialism) an anti-Vedic philosophy called Nashtika which includes Charvaka, Ajivika, Buddhism and Jainism.

It’s a high time to join hands together with, students-youths, democratic progressive forces and working classes to fight against these atrocious derogative moves of current ruling government. Otherwise the multifaceted Indian education system will be in the hands of forces which dictate monocultured Hindu Rashtra where the fundamental humanity will cease to survive.