Material from Seminar and Public meeting on “Fallacy of Make in India”, Nagpur

August 31, 2016

Visthapan Virodhi Jan Vikas Andolan

Press Release

“Smash the Imperialist- Bramhinical-Capitalist exploitative agenda of ‘Make in India’”

– Peoples from across the country have come together to expose and oppose the fallacy of Make in India on August 29, 2016.

सेमिनार और जनसभा को उपस्थित जनसमुदाय

People attending the seminar and public meeting

Vistapan Virodhi Jan Vikas Andolan organized a one-day seminar on the ‘Fallacy of ‘Make-in-India’’ on the 29th of August, 2016 (Monday) at the Shahid Baburao Shedmake Hall in Nagpur. This seminar saw the participation of hundreds of people from Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, Chandigarh, Andhra Pradesh, Haryana, Telangana and Maharashtra including lawyers, civil rights activists, academics, intellectuals and people struggling against forcible acquisition of land in different parts of the country. The program was started with welcome address by Senior Journalist Umesh Chobe and began with a cultural performance by an Adivasi cultural group from Jharkhand.

Umesh Babu laid out the history of people’s struggle against forcible acquisition of land from the colonial to the post-colonial period of the India subcontinent. He spoke of various stages that these struggles have been through and the prevailing need for a united struggle against anti-people policies of the state and a strong concerted response to the farcical policy of ‘Make-in-India’ by the present ruling NDA government in the Center and its allies in the state governments.

मेक इन इंडिया पर पॉलसी पेपर रखते हुए बी.एस. राजू.

B S Raju presenting a policy paper on Make in India

This was followed by a presentation of a paper assessing the state policy of ‘Make in India’ by BS Raju from Hyderabad. Raju spoke of the political motivations that drive such policies of the state in a country where indigenous industries are shut down while the state begs for foreign direct investment for the sake of ‘development’. He insisted on a review of the policies of the current NDA government and its definition of development, a definition that appears to exclude the interests of the majority of the country.

नियमगिरि के जुझारू संघर्ष की बात रखते ओडिशा से आये साथी

Activist from Odisha discussing the struggle in Niyamgiri

This was followed by experiences of struggles against displacement being waged in Niyamgiri, in Chhattisgarh against large development projects mining and Chandigarh in Punjab and Haryana. Activists from Chattishgarh, Odisha and Jharkhand stated that the ruling government is intent on portraying that the adivasis are caught in the crossfire between the state paramilitary forces and the Naxals while the people themselves have waged a strong struggle for their rights in all parts of the country and it is this struggle that is being repressed in the war against Naxalism. Activists from urban areas stated that the changing policy of the state where earlier it used to demolish slums large scale to the destruction of smaller colonies in regular intervals under different banners like ‘Smart City’ and ‘Beautiful City’.

सेमिनार को संबोधित करते प्रो. रमेश शरण

Prof. Ramesh Sharan making his presentation

Professor Ramesh Sharan from Jharkhand laid out the history of economic development in the subcontinent and its link with the history of people’s struggle for the establishment of a ‘people’s model of development’. Keeping the history of state policy on development in the forefront, Professor Sharan stressed the following trends: firstly, the government repeatedly fails to follow its own laws like the environmental laws, land laws, PESA and other such legislations; secondly, the nature of state repression has never been as severe as it is today with the establishment of police camps that appear to outnumber schools and hospitals in most Adivasi areas; thirdly, the government has never before expressed its open connivance with the corporates and corporate leaders who now occupy the highest offices of government. This changing nature of the state is something that needs to be taken into account and united struggles like that of Vistapan Virodhi Jan Andolan is crucial to assert the voice of the people.

विस्थापन विरोधी क्रन्तिकारी गीत प्रस्तुत करते हुए झारखंड से आये साथी

Revolutionary songs opposing displacement sung by activists from Jharkhand

The next session began with Dr. Srinivas Khandelwale who spoke at length about how the government is slowly implementing programs that are anti poor anti Dalit and Adivasi. He exposed the bogey of development under the Make in India scheme by giving examples from Maharashtra and nearby states.

This was followed by a session of discussion about the condition of people’s movements against displacement in Jharkhand, Telangana, Surjaguda and Madhya Pradesh.

The seminar concluded with a final session of questions and answers with the participants and the audience and finally, the adoption of resolution of the Vistapan Virodhi Jan Vikas Andolan. After that a Public Meeting was conducted focusing the anti-displacement movement in Vidharbha region in which Advocate Anil Kale spoken at length about struggle against Mihan Project. Vinod Gajbhiye fron Totladoh Sangharh Samiti, Vilas Bhongade, Amit Pavade, Arun Wankar, Vinod Gillurkar and Ramdas Jarate also gave reflections on movement against Displacement in Vidharba.

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