Aims and objectives of the Una model of struggle in Karnataka – Karnataka self respect struggle committee of dalits and oppressed

September 16, 2016

Outline of the proposed actions as discussed and decided in the ‘Karnataka self respect struggle committee of dalits and oppressed’ meetings:

Aims and objectives of the Una model of struggle in Karnataka

1. Expose and protest against the cultural politics of using the ‘Holy cow’. Prevent atrocities on dalits, minorities, adivasi, women and the oppressed. Pressurise the government to take quick action.

2. To build a determined movement to prevent repeated atrocities on dalits and practice of untouchability in rural and modern life including education, housing, media, Government and the private sector.

3. To assert the rights of dalits, minorities and backward communities to consume any food of their choice.

4. To demand that a minimum of 5 acres of land be granted to all poor dalit families.

5. To strongly counter the right wing and brahminical politics of Sangh Parivaar. Prevent their utilisation of people from the backward communities for perpetrating violence. Campaign to change the mindsets of dalits and oppressed who are converted into slaves of brahminical organisations.
Aspiring to build a society based on equality and with the aims and objectives above mentioned the following three stage protest has been planned.

First Stage: A Jaatha/march from Bangalore to Udupi: Bangalore – Koppa in Chickmagalur District – Udupi.

To involve all who have been subjected to violence in the name of the ‘sacred cow’ to be part of the Jaatha. Three main public meetings – in Bangalore, where the Jaatha will be launched,  Koppa and Udupi.  Smaller public meetings in the district and taluk centres.

Chalo Udupi details :

4th October – Jaatha starts in Bangalore and overnight stay in Nelamangala

5th October – Jaatha in Kunigal and Channarayapattana and overnight stay in Holenarasipura.

6th October – Jaatha in Holenarasipur and Hassan and overnight stay in Belur

7th October – Jaatha in  Belur and Chikkamagalur and overnight stay in Koppa

8th October – Public meeting in Koppa and overnight stay in Udupi

9th October – Jaatha and Public Meeting in Udupi

Second Stage: Convenors of the movement to tour various districts in karnataka, conduct meetings in all thirty districts and mobilise people for a mega Rally proposed in next stage.

Third Stage: A massive rally in Bangalore mobilising a minimum of two hundred thousand delegates from dalit and oppressed communities where the resolutions will be made.