An appeal to organize/join All India protest and product boycott in front of Honda head offices and showrooms on 26 Oct.

October 26, 2016


*Honda Motorcycle & Scooter 2F Kamgar Samuh*

An appeal to organize/join All India protest and product boycott in front of Honda head offices and showrooms on 26 October 2016

*A brief History of the Ongoing Struggle of the Honda Workers*

The current struggle started on 16th of February 2016, with an event in which a labourer was forced to work a second shift after putting in his first shift by the supervisors in spite of being unwell and consequently was manhandled and brutally beaten. The workers of the Plant started gathering against this animalistic treatment of their fellow worker; however, the workers were forced by the Honda Management to remain confined within the factory walls by locking the gates.

As the evening approached bouncers and hired goons in workers uniform were called inside the factory and a clash was staged; in a very conspiratorial manner this staged clash was used as pretext to call the police. The workers were brutally beaten by the police, many workers sustained serious injuries in head and limbs. This was not just the end; the police arrested 44 workers and booked them under serious charges like Section 307 of IPC (attempt to murder).

The Honda workers since long have been struggling for their constitutional right to form Union and implementation of the labour laws which were denied by the Honda Management. The current unfolding of events is not an isolated or new incident; working class struggles for just and constitutional demand have met similar repression and media silence in the past and same is the case
with the current struggle of Honda workers. Honda Management was trying all fraud and tricks to fail the registration of workers union, the workers were not allowed to assemble anywhere in Tapukaraa or Dharuhera and their every attempt met with brutal lathicharged by the Rajasthan Police. The workers tried to organize a massive rally on 19th February 2016 at Tau Devilal Park in Gurgaon, however, the police chased them away by lathicharging and this savage repression continued with coming every act of

Finally, the workers decided to take their struggle to the next stage by pitching up their tent of struggle in the heart of the Nation,
Delhi( Jantar Mantar). Among the struggling workers 5 have sat on indefinite hunger strike since 19th of September. After 20 days, the indefinite hungers strike was withdrawn, but the sit in dharna and relay hunger strike is going on now, accompanied by series of protest demonstrations and programs.

*The demands are,*

*1.     Honda Company Management should initiate a dialogue with the Honda Motorcycle and Scooter 2F Kaamgaar Samuh immediately and reinstate all the workers to work.*

*2.     The false charges imposed on the workers should be rolled back *

*An Appeal to the Justice loving citizens by the Struggling Honda Workers to boycott the Honda Products *


*This is to inform you that the Honda Management is going to loot you of your hard earned money by selling you defective Honda Activa and Shine during Diwali . The Tapukara, Rajasthan Honda Plant which is famous for its number quality product is now being run on a ad-hoc basis by employing unskilled workers. Earlier the workers involved in production were atleast ITI polytechnic pass but now 8 standard pass contract workers are producing the Honda products which generally require a rigorous training of atleast 2 years.*

It has been 8 months since Honda workers of Tapukara-Alwar Unit are fighting valiantly for their legitimate demands and against the brutal repression of Honda Management and the Government. The current struggle started on 16th of February 2016, with an event in which a labourer was forced to work a second shift after putting in his first shift by the supervisors in spite of being unwell and consequently was manhandled and brutally beaten. The Honda Management fired 3000 trained and skilled workers and hired unskilled contract workers to continue the production since February 5 lakh such faulty units of Honda Shine and Activa have been
produced which are going to be sold to the common masses during the peak demand season of Diwali and Navratri. Already 10,000 units are on hold in Bangladesh.

The defects and complaints which are being registered on the Honda Website are :

*Honda Shine Bike:*

*1.     The Shine bike has engine problems including vibration and noise problem and very low average.*

*2.     The paint is coming off the fuel tank of Shine bike and spots are being revealed.*

*3.     Shine bike has starting problem, engine leakage, chain set voice problem.*

*4.     Excessive exhaust emission and pick up problems.*

*5.     Shine bike has shocker problems, wheel vibration, self not starting problems etc.*

*Honda Activa Scooter:*

*1.     Honda Activa has paint problems. battery problems, vibration problems. Due to patchy paint work the color of White Honda Activa is getting yellowed on exposure to sunlight and rain.*

*2.     Honda Activa has engine noise problem, engine vibration problem, starting problem, engine oil leakage etc.*

*3.     Honda Activa has head light problem. faulty speedometer, defective handle band.*

*4.     Honda Activa has poor pick-up*

*Honda Motorcycle & Scooter 2F Kamgar Samuh*

*contact : Naresh Mehta (President) — 7073819078*