Hyderabad: Memorial Meeting for V Hanumanta Rao, founder editor of Veekshanam

December 22, 2016

Memorial Meeting: 6 pm on December 29, at Doddi Komaraiah Hall, Sundaraiah Vijnana Kendram, Bagh Lingampalli, Hyderabad.



V Hanumanta Rao, founder editor of Veekshanam

V Hanumanta Rao (1925-2016), doyen of pro-people journalism, passed away on December 13, after a successful and eventful career for over six decades and a half.

Beginning in 1946 till his last breath he has been writing and produced more than two dozens books and about five thousand articles. Joining Visalandhra, Telugu daily run by Communist Party of India in 1952 as reporter in Delhi covering the first Parliament, he worked or associated with at least eight newspapers and two news agencies.

In an illustrious career that cannot be completely recapitulated even in a full length volume, he had a number of achievements in writing as well as close association with people’s causes. Senior journalists who worked with him as well as leaders from left and democratic parties and organisations, who always took his advice with respect, will be speaking at the meeting, organised by Veekshanam.