Andhra Police Conduct Propaganda against Women’s Movement

December 22, 2016

A report by N Venugopal Rao

Andhra Pradesh police, in the name of Vidyarthinee Chaitanya Sangham (Girls Students Consciousness Association), is indulging in a shameless and highly condemnable act of tarnishing the image of public personalities, who have been working in various people’s movements.

Though this kind of abominable behaviour on the part of AP police is not new, the most reviling aspect now is that this time round they printed posters with highly objectionable matter along with the photographs of ten activists of women’s and literary movements. The poster appeared today in Guntur Medical College and it is suspected that it is going to be pasted all over the state.

In fact, all the ten activists whose pictures are printed on the poster are not from Chaitanya Mahila Sangham (CMS), though the thrust of the poster is against CMS. It is a popular women’s organization that has been functioning for about two decades in the state and Mahila Margam, its organ is a registered newspaper with the Registrar of Newspapers for India.

The pictures given on the posters are of Sartaj (Shaik Sartaj), Devendra, Rajeshwari (Raja Rajeswari), Silpa, Radha Cms, Indu, Annapurna, Sipora and Padma, all state-level and district-level key functionaries.

The picture of Varalakshmi (Varalakshmi Virasam), Secretary, Viplava Rachayitala Sangham (Revolutionary Writers’ Association, which was banned by the government in 2005, but the judges’ panel struck down the ban) is also given in the poster. Virasam’s literary monthly Arunatara’s name is also given in the poster.

Here is an English translation of the poster (though it is repulsive to translate it, I am doing it to expose the wicked nature of the police):

Poster by Police: Wake Up Call to Girl Students

Girl Students, Identify this. Some women in a group claiming themselves to be from Chaitanya Mahila Sangham or Pragatiseela Mahila Samakhya come to your college or hostel. They roll out hypnotising words like women’s power and women’s consciousness and sing songs.

They make you leave your lessons and follow them. They send you, who have to be in the society, to forests. They make you join them in the flow of their words and refrain of their songs. They choose innocent poor girl students and preach them. Examine them.

They also give prizes. They claim all this is consciousness and to get it they distribute books like Arunatara and Mahilamargam. They also speak sweet with your parents and make them feel that they stand guarantee to your future. All these organizations are the cover organizations of Maoists. Their main aim is to stop your education and join you in Maoists squads to roam in forests.

Their speeches and songs are all poison filled
Their preachings and prizes are all deceptions
The Chetanas that pour out honey are
Indeed Pootanas who feed poison in the name of milk

Notice to the Principal of College or Hostel Warden: All these groups are representatives of the banned Maoists. Never allow these groups organize meetings with students. Don’t even allow them into your premises. Outcaste these poisonous organizations to protect the future of your innocent students.