Update from Bastar

December 31, 2017

Soyam Rame aged 45 years wife of Soyam Cama resident of Gompad Village District Sukma. This is the same village where, on 13th June, 2015, Madkam Hidme was taken from her house and was murdered by security forces. The killing was showcased as an encounter between the security forces and naxalites and has been pending in the Chhattisgarh High Court till today. Soni Sori, tribal activist organised the August Kranti March to highlight this incident. A similar incident has also happened with Soyam Rame. Four women of Gompad village were going to the farm of Soyam Rame for fishing when the the Konta-Sukma police surrounded the women and opened fire. The women tried to escape the bullets, but one of the four women, Soyam Rame, was shot on her thigh. The bullet entered inside her body and has not been extracted yet. This incident occured on December 12th, 2017 on Monday. The police left thereafter. The women of the village are still scared.

Soyam Rame was brought in a critical situation to Bhadrachalam District for medical treatment by her husband. Her husband and she have been threatened by the police that if asked by anyone, she must say that she had gone with other women villagers to gather wood and was hurt by the wood, or she will be labelled a Maoist and a warrant will be issued against her accordingly. Soyam Rame’s husband, Soyam Kama, is still scared.

On the behest of the families of Soyam Rame in Gompad village, social worker Soni Sori, Ramdev Baghel, mother of Madkam Hidme Lakshmi and the kin of Soyam Rame had gone to visit Soyam Rame in the hospital from Bastar. Soyam Muka informed them that he had initially taken Rame to the government hospital in Bhadrachalam but the government doctor refused to provide treatment and asked them to take her to a private hospital. Rame has been admitted in Jaya Bharti Hospital for treatment. The treatment has not started yet. The bullet has been lodged in her body for 9 daysand the poison is spreading in her whole body. If not treated soon, Soyam Rame could die of poisoning. We urge all of you to help save the life of this woman.