Madhya Pradesh: Kissan Suraksha Padyatra for affected people in Gulab Sagar Basin

March 6, 2018


By Umesh Tiwari. This article appeared on Sangharsh Samvad on 8th January 2018. It has been translated by Samik.

Due to increase in height of the Gulab Sagar Dam in Sidhi District of Madhya Pradesh, lands of almost four hundred farmers in Chhuhi, Khatra, Tilwari, Saindhwa, Kotron, Bhainstaal, Chunguna, Chafodi and Ganjori village are being submerged in water. To survey and estimate the area of land and other properties that have been submerged, the Land Acquisition Officer of Majhauli and his departmental employees have been reported to have done extensive irregularities.

To protest against the illegalities done with the farmers, the Tonko-Ronko-Thonko Krantikari Morcha has decided to start a peoples movement. Informing the collector of Sidhi about the movement Umesh Tiwari, the organizer of the Krantikari Morcha has mentioned that on 8th January 2018, the procession “Kissan Suraksha Padyatra” would start at morning 9:00 am from the Chhuhi village and would reach the SDM office at Majhouli at 12:00 noon to stage a protest. The memorandum handed over to the Collector of Sidhi has demands to ensure the compensation package be paid to farmers as per the irrigable land package. Although the farmers whose lands have been submerged have the receipts of payment of irrigation tax, yet they have been compensated as per the non-irrigable land package rate.

Similarly, compensation package for submerged lands of other types where trees, wells, houses are present, have not been declared yet. Declaration of compensation package for those lands has also been demanded. Even the poor citizens of those affected villages who reside on government lands have also not received any declaration on compensation – as per the rule they are also entitled to be compensated properly. The proprietorship of fish farming at Gulab Sagar Dam is given to outsiders; it should rather be given to the self-sustenance projects formed by the affected residents of that area.

The memorandum also demands that the farmers whose lands have been acquired for this dam and have not received any compensation must be given their due compensation as soon as possible, one member of each family should get a job, the Adivasi families should be provided 5 acres of land, and to rehabilitate the displaced Adivasis, Compartment Nos 1188, 1189, 1199 and 1191 of forest area Churhat should be  distributed among them as per the Displacement policy.