People’s Film Collective: Film screening and talks to mark International Working Women’s Day

March 6, 2018


People’s Film Collective

Date: Friday, 9th March
Time: 6 pm – 9 pm
Venue: Jogesh Mime Academy, Kalighat Park

Contact: Sayan Sanyal +91-9051976048, Dwaipayan Banerjee: +91-9804125639


To mark International Working Women’s Day 2018, People’s Film Collective is organising the forthcoming edition of the ‘Kolkata Monthly Film Screening & Conversations’ series, focussing on working women’s struggles for a life of dignity and self-determination. We will screen two films, ‘Nirnay’ (Decision) and ‘Doud’ (The Frontrunner), followed by conversations with athlete and protagonist of ‘Doud’ Pinki Pramanik and activist Anindya Hajra, who will share about the protests over the Transgender Bill and why it is very much a working class concern.Please carry news of the programme in your paper/media, and kindly send your reporter and photographer to cover the event.

-People’s Film Collective.

People’s Film Collective presents-

Marking International Working Women’s Day 2018

9th MARCH | 6 PM – 9 PM



NIRNAY (Decision)

Directed by: Pushpa Rawat & Anupama Srinivasan

DOUD (The Frontrunner)

Directed by: Debalina & Payoshni Mitra


Pinki Pramanik & Anindya Hajra


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NIRNAY (Decision)
Dir: Pushpa Rawat & Anupama Srinivasan
58 mins (2012)
Hindi with English subtitles.

The film is filmmaker Pushpa Rawat’s debut film, her personal journey as she tries to make sense of her own life and that of her women friends. Set in a lower-middle class neighborhood in the outskirts of Delhi, it explores the lives of women who are young, educated and bright but who feel bound and helpless when it comes to making any major decision regarding their life, be it work or marriage. By following the lives of the women over three years, the film documents the changes in their lives and tries to capture the essence of their existence, sometimes through conversations and sometimes by simply observing their seemingly innocuous everyday routine. Pushpa’s own negotiations with her family, her boyfriend, and his family form the backbone of the film.

DOUD (The Frontrunner)
Dir: Debalina & Payoshni Mitra
48 mins (2013)
Bangla with English subtitles.

Critical debates about female hyperandrogenism and sports have made headlines all over the world in the recent years because of the controversies surrounding South African Athlete Caster Semenya and the brave challenge of hyperandrogenism policies by Dutee Chand of India. However, in India the issue has received unparalleled attention in the past decade for various reasons. One such reason was the false allegations against athlete Pinki Pramanik of raping a woman. She was arrested after she was accused of rape by a woman to whom she had given refuge. This film is an emotional journey into the life of Pinki as she bravely encounters public slander and resists social conservativism and gender binary. It is about the journey of the protagonist from being the aberration, the feared rapist, and a cheater in the public eye to self-realization. It is notable that the High Court of Calcutta quashed all the allegations against her in 2014.


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