Statement on Undeclared Mega-Emergency

July 4, 2018

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We All Against this Undeclared Emergency. . . . .

Dear Fellow Citizens,

To commemorate the two hundredth anniversary of Bhima Koragaon liberation struggle, we had organized ‘Elgar Parishad’ in Pune on 31st December 2017.

By raising the slogans such as ‘Protect the Constitution, Protect the Country’ we waged a people’s struggle against the ‘Neo-Peshwai’ system. Since then the present government, which is the descendent of the erstwhile Peshwai has unleashed the tactics of repression against us.

First, they fronted the followers of Manu to try and prevent the organization of the Elgar Parishad, then Hindutva proponents Bhide and Ekbote were fielded to organize bandh at Bhima- Koregaon and other villages on 1st January; the people who had come there to pay tributes to the martyrs were attacked on that day. Then the informers of RSS and the police spread the rumour that the attacks happened because of the Elgar Parishad. Some selected speakers and organizers were charged for alleged inflaming of the violence.

To vilify those arrested, news were planted in media saying that these persons are urban Maoists. Now that the demands to arrest Manohar Bhide have began getting momentum not only in the country but also in other parts of the world, Pune Police in a strategy to confuse and misguided the people, raided the houses and offices of some of the organizers of the Elgar Parishad and some human rights activists on 17th April 2018. Electronic equipments were confiscated so that the evidences against Bhide-Ekbote can be destroyed.

Vivek Vichar Manch, an organization sponsored by the government and RSS, has published perverted findings in its fact finding report, saying that the blame for the Bhima- Koragaon riots does not lie on Bhide-Ekbote, but the organizers of the Elgar Parishad, speakers there, BAMCEF, Sambhaji Brigade, Vilas Wagh, Vilas Kharat and Amol Mitkari are the culprits. One of the organizers, Mr. Kishor Kamble, who is an activist with Bharipa Bahujan Mahasangh affiliate Akhil Maharashtra Kamgar Karmachari Sanghatana, has received a threatening notice from Pune Police for calling a meeting about Bhima-Koregaon Bravery Day Inspiration Campaign.

After this, on 6th June 2018, the state convenor of the campaign and editor of the bi-monthly magazine ‘Vidrohi’ Mr. Sudhir Dhavale, the national president of Nagpur-based Indian Association for People’s Lawyers and fighter for the legal rights of dalits and adivasis advocate Surendra Gadling, the human rights activist associated with Committee for Protection of Democratic Right and professor of English at Rashtrasant Tukdoji Maharaj Nagpur University Ms. Shoma Sen, Nagpur based social activist of Anti-Displacement Committee Mr. Mahesh Raut and the activist fighting for human rights of the political prisoners Mr. Rona Wilson were arrested. All of them are now languishing in the jail. We democracy-loving citizens of this country publicly condemn all these terrorizing and repressive acts of the government.

Today, the country is facing the situation of ‘Mega-Emergency’. This emergency is undeclared. Thisemergency has created a situation that can put to shame the emergency declared in the year 1975.

The 1975 emergency was conveyed to the public and it was declared by using the constitutional provisions. The emergency that we are experiencing today has violated the constitution and has come from the back door with the people kept in dark. The constitution has been shut down; all the laws are violated; the opposition, minorities, dalits, adivasis and all the poor people have been facing blockade from all the sides. All their rights are trampled upon.

This regime has failed on all fronts and so it has started on the path of unrighteous behavior. The recent example of this was evident when the houses and offices of the activists associated with Republican Panthers, Kabir Kala Manch and human rights activists were raided, and their properties were confiscated. The characteristic of this regime is that the supporters of the regime may commit any kind of crime for any number of times, they will never be arrested.

If at all they are arrested their crimes are not properly investigated. If at all investigation takes place, the deliberate errors are made. All this is to provide immunity to these people. This regime has also tried occupying all the institutions, some of which are now under its complete control. Even judiciary is not free from these developments. So, there is no more any saviour for the people. So, the people have to protect themselves by using their own strength.

The present regime is deliberately igniting inter-caste and inter-religious conflicts to divide the country. This regime is not of a political party, rather it belongs to a creed. Bhartiya Janata Party is not a political party but a creed. It has dressed itself as a political party. This creed does not believe in our constitution, it does not believe in democracy or elections, and it also does not believe in the values of equality, freedom, justice, fraternity, tolerance, etc.

The aim of this regime is to execute Manusmriti as the constitution of this country. They want to preserve the four-Varna system. They want to drag women into slavery again. They want to keep the social and economic inequality intact. They want to bring totalitarian state in this country. All the institutions (including the judiciary) will function under this totalitarian regime. They want to destroy all the political principles and values that we have preserved till this day. They have not succeeded in changing the constitution. But they don’t care much, because without changing theconstitution they are already demeaning it and going ahead with their activities.

If this regime is to continue further our constitution will be buried completely. So, the people have to wake-up and they should build a struggle against this regime in constitutional and peaceful ways. We are Satyagrahis, We are not killers. We want to transform this country by using peaceful and constitutional ways. If we lose this opportunity, then we will have to live in the regime of Manusmriti.

This is a do-or-die battle. This is a battle of every individual. Everybody who is against the Manuvadi forces should keep aside their petty differences and come together. We humbly request all the citizens that they should think over this crisis, its form and the effect it causes, and all should come together for this fight.


Hon. P.B. Sawant (Retired judge, Supreme Court, India).

Hon. Suresh Hosbet (Retired judge, Mumbai High Court).

Hon. B.G. Kolse Patil (Retired judge, Mumbai High Cout).

Hon. Prakash Ambedkar (National President, Bharipa Bahujan Mahasangh).