Virasam Statement on Varavara Rao and Surendra Gadling

February 26, 2019

Statement from Feb 1 2019

We strongly condemn implicating Varavara Rao and Surendra Gadling in yet another false case.

Revolutionary poet, one of the founders of virasam, Varavararao and advocate Surendra Gadling are charged with another concocted case by RSS police of Maharashtra. Yes, they are in fact acting like RSS members rather than state police.

Varavararao and Surendra Gadling are already imprisoned under a ridiculous accusation that they have plotted to kill PM. Now they are implicated in another case related to adivasis attacking vehicles of mining company in 2016 December in Gadchiroli district.

The police know very well that the newly cooked up story will never be proven. The real intention is to incarcerate activists for months and years together making the trial itself a punishment. It also wants to warn intellectuals who stand by the people speaking against the displacement of adivasis and rampage of security personnel in their habitats. It’s a matter of shame for a country to be called the biggest democracy which throws its best intellectuals in jails.

The human rights forums and intellectuals through out the world are expressing their deep concern over this, and the adamant nature of the Indian government is nothing but a fascist manifestation. The condition of professor Saibaba in the deathly prison exposes this even more nakedly. How long, how many more should be incarcerated to make the government feel safe and secure?

It’s not the issue of public security, it’s the issue of the present government’s security. Not a single political party speaks about this because it doesn’t gather votes. The lives millions of dalits, adivasis and women are not at all a matter of concern in polls. And the people who raise these questions are targeted. Money, hatred, false promises make Indian elections and this election is the only showcase of democracy. Isn’t it an utter shame? We keep raising these questions on behalf of people.