Arrests of Prof. Haragopal, Katayani and Venugopal in Hyderabad – AIFRTE Statement

April 14, 2019


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 14 April 2019 

Press-statement AIFRTE condemns arrest of Prof G Haragopal and others by Telangana police 

The arrest of Prof. G Haragopal, member of AIFRTE Presidium, Prof Katyayani and Venugopal along with many others in Hyderabad by the Telangana police, while they were in an indoor meeting demanding the release of poet Varavara Rao and other intellectuals arrested recently on totally false and trumped up charges, is most condemnale and represents a new low in the current political situation in India today. 

Not only are innocent persons incarcerated without proper cause or evidence, but even those who protest such insupportable confinement are now being treated like criminals in an attempt to stifle all democratic protests. Evidently, the Telangana police went to the extent of even blocking all the roads leading to the meeting hall so that the information of this heinous act remained ‘hidden’ from the general public. AIFRTE protests in strong terms this action of the Telangana government which violates basic democratic norms and threatens the fundamental constitutional rights of Indian citizens. 

AIFRTE demands that·       

The arrested persons are immediately released without any charges whatsoever, and

·       The fundamental right of assembly and freedom of expression guaranteed by the constitution be strictly adhered to in both letter and spirit.  

–       AIFRTE Presidium