Prof. Meher Engineer Passes Away

April 30, 2019

Prof. Meher Engineer, formerly Acting Director, J. C. Bose Institute, Kolkata and former Chairperson, Indian Academy of Social Sciences, passed away at Kolkata on April 24, 2019.

Since 2011 he had been Chairperson of the All India Forum for the Right to Education (AIFRTE), a platform of more than 75 organizations across 22 states of India which struggles against the policy of privatization and corporatization of education, and supports the strengthening and universalizing of a free and compulsory common state-funded national system of education.

Prof. Engineer’s passing is a great loss for people’s movements as he was also actively involved in the Peoples Union for Civil Liberties, Narmada Bachao Andolan, National Alliance of Peoples Movements, the anti-Nuclear and Environment movements, and the Singur and Nandigram movements in West Bengal (here is one of Prof. Engineer’s notes on Sanhati in the aftermath of Nandigram – ed.).

His strong and enlightened support to the people’s movements will remain a shining example of the role of the activist-intellectual in advancing the cause of securing people’s democratic rights and liberties.

Madhu Prasad 

National Spokesperson, AIFRTE.