Kashmiri Women in Resistance

February 25, 2020

This page will collate aspects of the resistance movement of Kashmiri women.

Description: This song was written on an odd night, away from home, in the aftermath of Aug 5 by a few young Kashmiri women. It is in memory of our people, our collective struggles and in hope of Azadi.


A Kashmiri artist reimagines one of the oldest and most iconic photographs from Kashmir.

The subject of the original photograph, taken in Srinagar almost 70 years ago, are three Kashmiri women, standing on the precipice of Hari parbat hill, looking to the Himalayan mountains in the horizon. 

This drawing reimagines one of the women originally stood with her arms outstretched in prayer, pleading with God- now holding high above her head – another, present day iconic image – that of a Kashmiri woman in a red pheran with the words resist to exist emblazoned in black letters. 

The juxtaposition of the two images meeting together like this through the divides of time resonates with Kashmiris on this particular day of Kashmiri women’s resistance day.

Art & poem by @telingtons & @y3ll0wRose 

Original photograph by Henri Cartier Bresson