AFDR’s Preliminary fact-finding Report of death of Sanpreet Singh Mangat

May 18, 2020

Blood soaked dead body of Sanpreet Singh Mangat was found under very suspicious circumstances, near Rahon town, dist. SBS Nagar on Rahon-Machhiwara road at around 10PM on 10th May 2020. His motor bike was found standing, parked on a side of incident site.

Just a short while ago he had told his parents over his mobile that he had reached near Garhi-Morh and would be reaching home shortly. His house is not far off from the site of incident and from there it takes hardly 10 to 15 minutes to reach his home. After he did not reach home on expected time, his father tried to contact him over his mobile but could not establish contact with him.

So to find him, his father went towards that side and at a short distance found his dead body lying on the side of the road. On receiving the information, the police came at the incident site, took the dead body in its possession and started the further proceedings. In the F.I.R, registered on the basis of statement recorded by his father, road accident has been written as the cause of death.

Next day post-mortem was conducted at Civil Hospital Balachaur and same day the dead body was cremated. The post mortem report has not been received so far.

Sanpreet Singh was committed to social issues and concerns, had been working as a very impressive and outspoken correspondent and presently was engaged in his farming occupation. On receiving the information about the incident, AFDR decided to go in for fact finding of the issue.

Three member fact-finding team of AFDR, comprising of Jasbeer Deep, member state committee, Boota Singh state press secretary and Dr. Chaman Lal, visited and observesed the site of incident. They interviewed the father of deceased and some other persons present. They minutely observed and analyzed the photographs of the dead body and of the site of incident. The AFDR team concludes:

The circumstances of the site of incident show that this is not a road accident case. Instead of minutely observing and analyzing the condition of dead body, circumstances of site of incident etc, the police officials dealt the whole incident with a very casual and superficial approach. The police took it as a routine accidental case and specific aspects related to the deceased were overlooked. This approach of police speaks of its unprofessionalism.

F.I.R was written only on the basis of statement recorded by father of the deceased. Deeply shocked by the sudden death of his young son, at that time it was not possible for a father to fully comprehend the reasons behind death of his son. Besides recording the statement of the father of the deceased, it was duty of police officials to put on records minutely all the related circumstances of the time and site of incident.

Only after doing such thorough investigation, it should have made any conclusions about the reasons behind the death. But the police performed their duty very hurriedly.

Bike of the deceased person was found standing on side of the road, in fully safe and working condition. In case of a road accident, the bike would had been damaged badly. In case of road accident with a vehicle, tell-tale signs of accident would had been visible on the  incident site in the form of broken body parts of vehicle, glass pieces etc. But there were no such signs found on the road.

A bag having tiffin etc. was still clutched in the hands of deceased person. In the case of road accident, his hand grip would had loosened and under such circumstances, clutching of the bag in his hands would not had been possible. The cut injuries found on stomach, chest and neck of the deceased, appear to be caused by some sharp edged weapon. Such type of cut-injuries can’t be result of an accident.

Above noted facts point out that an accident is not the cause of this death, reason is something else and for knowing the truth, thorough and deep investigation is a must. 

The deceased young man had been working as a correspondent. As he was a very outspoken correspondent, the aspect of any linkage with his reporting of mining and drug mafia should had been looked into for knowing the reasons behind his death.

Police officials should had given due importance to this aspect in their investigation. All the circumstantial evidences and proofs should had been thoroughly looked into and saved properly which has not been done.

All this shows the professional incompetency of local police. Sabha is of the opinion that this case be got thoroughly investigated by a team of forensic experts. It is also necessary that all the incoming and outgoing calls of the deceased person for that fateful day be minutely  investigated and analyzed.

Dump call data records (C.D.R) of the concerned area for that day be gotten and investigated. Footage of CCTV cameras installed near site of incident and of adjoining areas be seized immediately and all the vehicles that plied on the road during that time period be investigated.

Post mortem report is awaited, after receiving the report the AFDR would take necessary steps. 

May14, 2020

Issued by Boota Singh

Press secretary, Association for Democratic Rights, Punjab

P.S : In its post mortem report dated May 16,2020 the board of doctors have testified about 14 cut injuries on the body caused by sharp edged weapons and death being caused due to these injuries.