Coordination of Democratic Rights Organizations Bulletin – Janurary 2010

February 28, 2010


1. Tributes to Rights legend Balgopal
2. Encounter Killings and the Question of Justice
3. A call to oppose Operation `Green Hunt’ in Chhattisgarh
4. Police does not have faith in the Indian Judiciary
5. Justice denied in the case of Parag Kumar Das Assassination
6. CDRO’s letter to the Prime Minister for fresh probe in Parag Das murder case
7. Protest demonstration against arrests under UAPA by UAPA Birodhi Mancha (Prastuti)
8. Memorandum submitted by UAPA Birodhi Mancha (Prastatuti) to the WB Govt.
9. Investigation of Atit Ekka’s Murder
10. Report by Campaign for Peace and Democracy on 23 July 09 Fake Encounter in Manipur
11. An open letter and appeal by a Lawyer in Chhattisgarh
12. Arun Ferreira’s experiences of torture and Forensic Tests in custody
13. Arun Ferreira’s father’s letter to the NHRC
14. Letter to the PM by the striking political prisoners of Nagpur Jail
15. Press Release on Police Assault on Women Fact finding team in Narayanpatna, Orissa
16. Shambo: A Plea for Justice
17. Press release by PUDR on the developments in Chhattisgarh
18. Press release by PUDR on the developments in Chhattisgarh
19. Follow Up on Shambho Sodi
20. Statement by CDRO against Operation Green Hunt

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