Kolkata – Lecture on bauxite mining in tribal areas by Felix Padel, 27th March 2010

March 24, 2010

Radical Humanist Association cordially invites you to M.N. Roy Memorial lecture to be delivered by Dr. Felix Padel, eminent anthropologist and activist.

The lecture will be held at Radical Humanist Hall, Coffee House 2nd Floor on 27th March at 5 pm.

Felix Padel is the author of ‘Sacrificing People: Invasions of a Tribal Landscape’ (Jan 2010 expanded version of 1995 classic – ‘The Sacrifice of Human Being: British Rule & the Konds of Orissa’). His new book with Samarendra Das is ‘Out of This Earth: East India Adivasis and the Aluminium Cartel’ (March/April 2010). He studied in Oxford University and the Delhi School of Economics. Several articles available on the net include ‘Mining as a fuel for war’ at http://www.wri-irg.org/node/3576

This talk will look at the issue of ‘development-induced displacement’, giving an overview of the mining industry, showing its excessive social and environmental costs in relation to questionable benefits, where main profits are made in London, Switzerland and other places far from India’s ‘resource-rich’, largely tribal regions.