Kolkata – Street meeting on Chernobyl Day 26th April 2010

April 25, 2010

Organised by Paramanu Bidyut Birodhi Prachar Andolan (Campaign Against Nuclear Power)
Venue – Metro Channel, Esplanade
Time – 4pm to 8pm


Most of the policies that the government has adopted in the name of development, are detrimental for the people and the environment. One such policy is the the expansion of nuclear power generation, in the name of self-sufficiency in energy requirements. It is indeed sad that most of the main political parties directly or indirectly support this policy. To expand the nuclear power generation capability, the government has introduced in the parliament The Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage Bill, with the objective of decreasing the amount of compensation in case of accidents related to nuclear reactors.

On April 26, on the occasion of Chernobyl day, we will assemble, from 4pm onwards, at Esplanade East (Metro Channel) with the slogans of “We do not want Nuclear Power” and “Cancel the Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage Bill”. We request your participation.

Bankim Dutta
Meher Engineer

on behalf of Paramanu Bidyut Birodhi Prachar Andolan

Click here for the Bengali pamphlet for the meeting