Kolkata – National Meeting on “Displacement and Democratic Space”

May 21, 2010

The Fight for Social and Community Rights’

Saturday, 22 May 2010, 10am – 6pm

Venue- Seva Kendra, 52B, Radhanath Chowdhury Road, Tangra, Kolkata 700015


The people of this country – especially the marginalised and the deprived – are under attack. The State is aggressively promoting mines, large dams and polluting industries at the cost of community and social rights over natural resources, ignoring the country’s constitution and a number of pro-people laws. Not only are millions of poor and indigenous people being affected and displaced in the name of development, but the State has also imposed a war upon them, re-defining the ‘state-people’ relationship in terms of ‘hunter’ and the ‘hunted’. As violence of various kinds engulf regions one after another, the democratic space for non-party people’s resistance shrinks, and the state deliberately brands all solidarity and support efforts to grass-root resistance as anti-state and anti-nation. In spite of all this, local resistances are more widespread than ever before, and the struggle for democratic rights continues.

Friend, In the above backdrop we are keenly interested to meet representatives from mass movements and peoples’ struggles from various parts of the country. We would like them to share their experiences with us and tell us about their observations and perceptions about the ground realities. We want to hear them speak about the problems posed by the State or other dominant political forces in their regions. We invite you to be with us in this interactive meeting as an active participant, with the hope that this sharing will be mutually beneficial to all.

Sanjay Basu Mullick, National Forum of Forest People and Forest Workers
Naba Dutta, Nagarik Mancha