Delhi Convention against slum evictions in name of C’Wealth Games

June 17, 2010

Movement to save slum settlements

Save the Slums Convention, June 19, 2010, Gandhi Peace Institution, 10 AM to 5 PM

Before the Commonwealth Games in October 2010, the government is planning to relocate 44 slum settlements in Delhi. These slum settlements will be moved to outskirts of the city under the Rajiv Ratna Avas Yojna (Rajiv Ratna housing scheme). However, the proposed housing construction under this scheme either exists on paper or will take years to finish. The government’s action will result in the eviction of tens of thousands of people from their homes, including thousands of school going children.

There are other serious problems with the government scheme. It will displace people far away from their place of work. The government expects the slum dwellers to pay Rs 60000 to acquire the new houses, which is beyond the means of most slum dwellers. In most cases the beneficiary of such scheme will sell their houses to property dealers and this is probably what the government wants too.

There is a long list of failure of similar schemes in Mumbai. In most case, the wherewithal needed to acquire and retain the house are far beyond the means of slum dwellers. And this is the reason most of the slum dwellers go back to slums. Such schemes do not solve the problem of slums but exacerbate it.

We need to organize to foil this conspiracy of the government.

To protest against the eviction of 44 slum settlement, we call for a Save the Slums Convention, June 19, 2010, Gandhi Peace Institution, 10 AM.

The slum dwellers, activists and organizations associated with slums, urban poor, and informal labor are requested to attend and contribute by all means available.

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