Lalgarh Mancha – Appeal for unconditional release of activists arrested in Junglemahal

June 21, 2010

Kolkata Rally on 28 June to protest again arrests


This is to inform you that Mrs. Nisha Biswas ,scientist of Glass and Ceramic Research Institute, Mr. Kanishka Choudhury, school teacher and Manik Mandal, eminent writer – all of them from Kolkata, have been arrested from Lalgarh Jangalmahal area while they were there to observe the actual condition of people Lalgarh during joint force operation. They went to visit the actual picture of development done by the people there. They were arrested on 16th June, 2010 after a long detaintion at Shalboni P.S. and have been given ridiculously false cases like sedition, arms act, and attempt to murder etc. while only a tape recorder, a pen, a notebook and a camera have been seized from these renowned persons.

We are already aware of the fact that the Jangalmahal area including Lalgarh in West Bengal has been alienated from the rest of the world under section-144 for the last one year. We apprehend that the Govt. wants to keep us in utter darkness about what is going on there actually in the name of “Rule of Law”. Nisha, Kanishka & Manik went there to observe the actual condition of the citizens of one part of our democratic country. The joint-forces did not want to let them go, and thus arrested them. Right now they are in the jail-custody for 14 days.

We observe this as a real intention to threaten the intellectuals, human rights activists, mass movement activists who are raising their voice against the brutal state atrocities all over the country. The State Govt.s is practically implementing what Mr.Chidambaram stated earlier. So the need of the hour is to voice in every form in the demand of unconditional release of the trio intellectuals. In lieu of this demand a rally is being called at Kolkata on 28th June, 2010 by different mass organizations & intellectuals, scientists. We earnestly request you to raise your voice in every possible way to let this deaf Govt.hear the voice of people of India. Huge protest programs in different states with our eminent intellectual friends can only ensure the release of the three mass movement activists. Thank you.

Date: 21.06.10

Krishna Bandopadhyaya