Maharashtra – Condemn the arrest of Justice Kolse-Patil & others in Jaitapur

December 8, 2010

Condemn the State’s fascist repression !

December 08, 2010

The Indian Ruling class has been consistently violating the basic human rights enshrined in the Constitution of India. In its latest round, the authorities now are brutally trying to suppress the peaceful agitation against the Jaitapur Nuclear Plant. On the eve of the French President Sarkozy’s visit to India and finalising of the Indo-French Nuclear deal in accordance with the Indo-US nuclear deal, the villagers of the Jaitapur who have been fighting against the coming up of nuclear power project with cooperation of French company Areva, led massive agitaion. The authorities in order to serve the interests of French brutally lathicharged the agitators, arrested them. The very basic human rights of the people, the leaders is being violated by the authorities.

Through this agitation which is being led by Vaishali Patil, Justice Kolse-Patil and others, the kolis (fisher folks), kunbis and agris have been opposing the coming of the nuclear project at Jaitapur. The said proposed 9900 MW nuclear project at Jaitapur has been part and parcel of the Indo-US nuclear deal which is against the interests of the people of India. This apart, the coming of the series of nuclear plants in Konkan region including the Jaitapur project is going to adversely affect the environment. Considering the past experiences of Chernobyl, and our very own experience of Bhopal Gas Genocide, how can we allow to endanger our lives, livelihood and the beautiful lush green enviornment of Konkan?

The authorities sitting in the Prime Minister’s Office, at Delhi are bent upon to bring these kind of projects in the name of fulfilling the energy needs for economic growth. On the one hand, the rich billionaires of India are shamelessly displaying their wealth by glittering their houses and palaces and on the other hand, farmers are not getting the much needed electricity for their agricultural needs. In the whole debate of energy needs, the authorities are deliberately sidelining the much important debate of equitable distribution of energy and the development of alternative forms of energy.

In such a situation, when the common farmers, fisherfolks are opposing peacefully and democratically, the authorities are brutally suppressing them. In a democracy like India, now even the liberal voices are silenced. Justice B.G. Kolse-Patil has been actively involved in people’s movements and has been consistently fighting for the cause of the downtrodden masses. Justice Kolse-Patil, Vaishali Patil and others have not only been arrested but also denied the bail and have been booked under sections for serious offences.

It is unfortunate that at the time when the cirminals within the govt in the 2G telecom scam, the Adarsh land scam and many other land grabbing scams are let scot free, the activists who are raising the issues of the toiling masses, fighting for the protection of the democratic rights of the people, fighting for protecting environment are brutally beaten up and treated like criminals. The arrest and the serious charges under Indian Penal Code slapped on Justice B.G. Kolse-Patil who has been part of the very judiciary which has been speaking a lot about upholding the democratic values and jusdicial activism, shows the anti-people, anti-democratic fascist face of the State.

We condemn the fascist oppression of the Manmohan Singh led UPA govt. and the Congress-NCP led state govt. on the people of the Madban – Jaitapur. We condemn the brutal lathi charge on the activists, villagers of Jaitapur.

* We demand immediate release of Justice B.G. Kolse-Patil, Vaishali Patil and other activists, villagers and withdrawal of all legal proceedings agaisnt them.
* We demand the scrapping of the proposed Jaitapur Nuclear Power Project and other similar projects that have been planned under the Indo-US Nuclear deal.
* We demand scrapping of the Indo-US Nuclear deal which is against the national interests.
* We demand the Indo-French venture through Areva be outrightly scrapped.
* We demand independent judicial enquiry about the brutal lathi charge and violation of human rights by the authorities.

In solidarity,

Com. Vilas Sonawane – Coordinator, All India anti-SEZ, anti-land grabbing, anti-displacement coordination committee.
Shashi Sonawane – National Convenor, Yuva Bharat