NAPM – Condemn second firing for Asbestos company in Muzzafarpur

January 23, 2011

January 23, 2011

The National Alliance of People’s Movements is horrified to learn that the Muzzafarpur district administration in Bihar has once again opened fire and lathi-charged the farmers and villagers of Chainpur-Vishnupur in the Marvan block for protesting against the perilous Bal Mukund Asbestos Company. Reportedly, at least a dozen people, many of them women and student-activists have suffered severe lathi-charge, pellet and even bullet injuries in yesterday’s incident. We have been informed that the situation in the villages is quite tense and there is in fact a severe paucity of land doctors, even to provide medical assistance to the injured woman. A report from the field is underneath

Thousands of people have been facing repression of both the State and the Company over the past few months since the Asbestos Plant is being pushed in the region at a severe cost to the environment, health and agriculture of the farm-based communities and local population. It is notable that the Company has already finished 60% work against the consent and interests of the local people and the environment.

NAPM strongly feels that such non-participatory and forcible manner of pushing these harmful plants, by violating people’s basic legal and human rights and without due regard to the necessary environmental safeguards measures and processes is dangerous, undemocratic must not be permitted. NAPM expresses full solidarity with the people’s peaceful resistance and assets that due processes, procedures and the rule of law must be scrupulously followed and implemented in the case of every single project and the local people must have an informed participation and decisive say in all cases

Do write immediate, strong letters to the District Collector of Muzzafarpur, Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister District

1. Demand a public apology from the Bihar Government for the serious of repressive incidents against the farmers, women, students and activists and assurance that no such incident would taken place in the future.
2. Immediately provide full medical services and compensation to all the injured persons.
3. Immediately stop all the work for the asbestos company and completely ban the production of carcinogenic white asbestos.
4. Initiate a dialogue with the local people, the Khet Bachao-Jeevika Bachao Andolan and activists before taking any step forward.

In Solidarity,

Medha Patkar, Anand Mazgaonkar, Madhuresh, Shrikanth


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