Stakeholder analysis wrt land as a resource in the SEZ strategy in Bengal – a paper

July 19, 2007

By Dheeraj Singh, IIM Kolkata

The State government recently acquired 997.11 acres of land, spread across the five mouzas within the Panchayat Samity of Singur, for the TATA’s small car factory project. This paper performs a stakeholder assessment and looks into the finer details of the entire deal. The idea is to find out the land distribution among the different stakeholders such as middle peasants, small farmers, and marginal farmers, and the distribution of the compensation amount as declared and promised by the state government of West Bengal, given the price of the per acre of land assessed and fixed again by the state agency. The actual distribution provides us the real, fact-based information which can then be used as a basis to make broad assessment and prescribe some policy level initiatives or alternatives.

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