NAPM – National Transformation and Future Strategy of Movements

July 17, 2011

A Statement by National Alliance of Peoples’ Movements

Resolutions and Future Programmes as adopted on July 3 – 4, Wardha, Maharashtra

The political churning in the country in past four months is extremely fascinating and encouraging. However, these changes have also raised two key concerns, firstly, state and capitalist forces have come together to question the role and leadership of the people centered, non – violent movements. Secondly, the state is withdrawing rapidly from its socio-political and welfare duties towards the people of its own country and leaving them at the mercy of predatory capitalist forces. We are sitting here amidst the struggles raging in different parts of the country – in Assam against displacement, in Narmada Valley against displacement, against Shivalik Builders in Mumbai, against Posco in Jagatsinghpur,Odisha, against Jindal’s in Chhatisgarh, against Ambani’s SEZ in Raigarh, Maharashtra, against Adani’s in Mundra, Gujarat and Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh, against TATA’s in Kalinga Nagar, Odisha, against Thermal Power Projects in Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh and against Nuclear Power park in Jaitapur, Maharashtra and others, despite of the state repression and violence. The struggle against State and Company Power like Adani, Jaypee, Ambani, Posco, Jindal, Monsanto, Tata, Reliance and other big multi-nationals are not only for protecting their livelihood but central to this is defending the basic tenets of our democracy. The overall struggle is for deepening of democracy in the country – to establish the rule of law, to ensure right to life and livelihood with dignity, to ensure democratic control over natural resources – jal, jangal, jameen and Khaniz (land, water, forest and minerals).

These struggles are for building an alternative political scenario in the country where primacy of politics of poor, backwards and those on the margins can get primacy and build peoples’ power. In this scenario we resolve to –

* Our collective struggles have to deal with the corruption at every level and work towards establishing communities control over the natural wealth of the country. In the wake of increasingly oppressive power of State and Corporations, our collective struggles of dalits, adivasis, women, urban poor, the displaced, workers, farmers etc. have to challenge the crony capitalism and work towards a society based on equality and political freedom.

* Everyone need to join this struggle for stronger legislations like Lokpal Bill which will control the corruption in this country and other measures which will bring back the black money stashed in the country in different forms of illegal and benami investments and tax heavens in foreign countries.

* We will struggle together to scrap the regressive legislations like Land Acquisition Act, Special Economic Zone Act and others and agitate for drafting of a development planning act in this country with the free informed and prior consent of the strengthened Gram / Basti Sabhas and other local self-government institutions.

* We will fight to defend the farming, agriculture, workers and agrarian economy from the clutches of market to ensure food and livelihood security for all, so that those who toil to feed everyone can lead a dignified life and do not have to commit suicide.

* Agriculture, agro based and agri dependent industries and professions are livelihood base for millions of unprotected and unorganized sector workers; we will fight for a dignified life for them. A large number of them are women who remain invisible in the patriarchal labour market, our collective struggles will fight for their rights and decent working conditions and pay too.

* We will fight for complete transformation in the existing electoral processes so that progressive political processes of the marginalized and workers can be truly represented in the overall politics. We will also strive to build a society free from caste, religion, region, gender and class based discrimination and bias and abolish evils like irresponsible consumption of liquor and other intoxicants which have destroyed millions of homes and caused further impoverishment.

Future Programmes of Action –

In this two day meeting at Wardha after Delhi’s meeting of 8th May and 27th June many important social activists and intellectuals came together from 10 States. Some key participants included Swami Agnivesh, Medha Patekar, Dr. Binayak Sen, Prafulla Samantara, Subhash Lomte, P. M. Desrada, Suniti S.R., Dr. Sugan Baranth, Dr. Sunilam, Dr. Illina Sen, Dr. Rakesh Rafiq, Prof. Ajit Jha, Sister Ceilia, Gabriele Dietrich, Shaktiman Ghosh, N D Survayavanshi, Vijay Jawadia, Vilas Bhongade, Gautam Bandopadhyay, Vivekanand Mathne, Anand Mazgaonkar, Swati Desai and others. A number of senior activists from Vidarbha engaged in constructive work like Sandipan Bandure, Karuna Phutane, Maruti Gulabrao, Atul Sharma, Dr. Ullas Jaju, Sushma Sharma, Samir Kurve and others.

These are some of the activities which are being proposed for coming two three months to be organized by different organisations : –

1. While supporting the ongoing agitations around the Janlokpal Bill, a number of Jan Sansads on the theme ‘Corruption, Oppression, Exploitation and Loot’ will be organized across the country by various organizations in next 2-3 months. Some important dates to note are – Bangalore (9th July), Bhopal (10th July), Bhubaneswar (14h – 16th July), Jaipur (27th July), Chhindwara (3rd September) and Pune, Mumbai, Nasik, Aurangabad and Samastipur.

2. National Action between 3-5th August in Jantar Mantar, Delhi to ensure livelihood rights of the people and establish communities control over land, water, forest and other natural resources. The three day will focus on peoples’ struggle to repeal Land Acquisition Act, implementation of Forest Rights Act, Housing for the Urban Poor and Food Security for all.

3. After holding the Jan Sansads across the country, to carry forward the process next meeting to be held on 27th and 28th August in Wardha, Maharashtra.

4. This Abhiyan will be carried forward under the guidance of Swami Agnivesh, Medha Patkar, P V Rajgopal, Dr. Sunialm and Subhash Lomte and a temporary working committee consisting of Gautam Bandopadhyay, Shaktiman Ghosh, Rakesh Rafiq, Ajit Jha, Vilas Bhogade, Suniti S R, Sister Ceilia, Anees Thillenkery, Rajendra Ravi, Bhupendra Singh Rawat and Madhuresh Kumar. More names will be added from the meeting organized by Arvind Kejriwal, P V Rajgopal and others in Delhi on July 6 – 7. Some slogans for this Abhiyan are –

· Jal, Jangal, Jameen…..ho janta ke adheen
· Loksabaha ke upar Aam sabha
· Garibon ka shram kitna haq kitna….hisab do jawab do
· Bhrastachar aur atyachar na karenge na karne denge
· Daman nahi insaf chahiye, insaf chahiye

We urge everyone – people from all walks of life workers, adivasis, dalits, urban poor, women, men and professionals, intelligentsia and everyone else to join in this struggle against exploitation, oppression and inequality and secure justice and dignity for everyone. Let us all join hands to work together !