Mumbai – Notice of Evictions to Golibar Residents is Illegal and Inhuman

July 23, 2011

Press Statement by National Alliance of People’s Movements

Mumbai, July 21 : Last month Government of Maharashtra scrapped the two committees setup under chairmanship of Justice (Retd) Hospet Suresh to investigate into the illegalities of SRA projects and Shivalik Ventures Ltd. The scrapping of these Committees was done under the pretext that it was under the directives of High Court but unfortunately Court had given no such order and it was done under the immense pressure from the builder lobby. Since then activists have faced attack from the builders as well and government has failed to take any action against them. It is extremely shameful that government has been bowing constantly under the builder mafia and people are left to fend for themselves.

It is unfortunate that a company, Shivalik Ventures Ltd, which has been under the scanner for the Unitech investments and its relations with the 2G scam continues to find such favour and a criminal enquiry into fraud committed in seeking consent of residents remains pending till date as ordered by the High Court. Shivalik continues to be the project developer for the Golibar Societies; it is only because of the stiff resistance of the residents that the project has remained stuck for few months on all counts.

It is completely illegal and inhuman that now the administration has slapped notices to the residents of Ganesh Krupa Housing Society in Golibar area on July 19th that they must vacate their houses in next five days or their houses will be demolished. It is also extremely unfortunate that going by the prevailing practice of no demolitions in the Monsoon season administration has given them the notice to vacate. In this rain and season what are they supposed to do ? GBGB-NAPM rejects these notices as illegal and refuses to vacate from homes.

The Golibar residents against this inhuman act have no option but to lie infront of the bulldozers when faced with it. We are not leaving our homes unless and until criminal investigations are completed against Shivalik Builders and action taken against them. Any redevelopment plan for the housing societies can’t be done without their rightful consent and the struggle to defend homes will go on as long as we live.

We urge everyone to write to Chief Minister of Maharashtra to immediately withdraw these notices and provide justice to the Golibar residents and initiate action against the Shivalik builders as per the High Court order.