Haryana – Press release on the registration of the Maruti Suzuki Workers’ Union; reports of March 1 meeting

March 3, 2012

Video report of the meeting held on March 1

Report on the celebration after “Maruti Suzuki Workers Union” is registered in Manesar

Manesar, Gurgaon, 1st March 2012.

Today workers celebrated Holi in Manesar-Gurgaon, much before Holi. This environment full of happiness was expected, as the workers of Maruti Suzuki have succeeded in getting their union registered after a protracted struggle. After much struggle, the labour department of the Haryana Government issued a certificate of registration on 29th of February, and thus “Maruti Suzuku Workers Union” came into existence.

To top it up, the Maruti management has also approved the new union, which has further encouraged the workers.

Evidently workers not only of Maruti, but of the entire region, were encouraged. As decided earlier, a public meeting was organised after hoisting the flag of the union at Gate no. 2 of Maruti Manesar. The office bearers of the newly constituted union, the Chief Patron Sandeep Dhillon and the President Ram Mehar singh, announced, after the completion of one stage of the movement, the beginning of new phase of upcoming struggles. The General Secretary Sarabjit Singh told the gathering that the union will submit the demand letter for wage agreement to the management within the next 15 days. On this occasion, the office bearers of important collaborators of the Maruti movement, “Suzuki Power Train Union” and “Suzuki Bike Union” also expressed their revolutionary solidarity with the union.

On the other hand, Chairman Maruit India, R. C. Bhargava, while recognizing the union said that the company will look into and resolve all the matters pertaining to the workers of Manesar Plant by working with this union. It will also have a three-year wage agreement with it.

It is to be noted that the workers of Maruti Suzuki were fighting for having their own union since the last June 2011. During this period they had to resort to strikes on three occassions. During the last strike, workers of Suzuzki Power Train and Suzuki Bike had also gone on strike in solidarity. This movement not only got support from the workers from different parts of this country, but also from workers organisations/unions from 23 countries including Japan and Canada. Unfortunately, during this struggle 30 leading workers were removed from their jobs.

But the workers were determined and they filed their new application for registration of “ Maruti Suzuki Workers Union” on 4th November. During this period 2500 workers of the factory showed their unity, patience and discipline.

Undoubtedly, the victory of workers of Maruti in today’s very difficult times is a moment of immense pleasure for the workers movement, not only of Haryana but of the entire country.

(Translated by Rakesh Ranjan)


[The following is the complete press release provided by the Maruti Suzuki Workers’ Union on occasion of the meeting which was held on March 1st, at Gate No. 2 of Maruti Suzuki (Manesar plant). A report of the meeting will be published on Sanhati shortly.-Ed]

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Maruti Suzuki Workers Union
IMT Manesar, Gurgaon, Haryana
Registration No. 1923

Readers must be aware of the long and spirited struggle being carried out since June 2011 by the workers at the Maruti Suzuki (Manesar) factory in order to establish our own union. There have been three strikes over this issue. Of these, the most recent and largest strike was historic in many ways. Our movement received support and cooperation not only from workers in Gurgaon but from workers all over the country , who organized spectacular rallies in our support. In fact we received support from workers organizations and unions in places as far away as Japan and Canada, and in all from workers in 23 countries. But at that time, for some reasons 30 of our comrades had to resign and no actions were taken towards getting the union recognized by the Suzuki management and duly registered. But without doubt it was the moral support we received from all over the country and the world that gave us the strength to carry forward the struggle to this level.

After the strike, once work resumed at the company, a new phase of our struggle started. On 4th November, the workers submitted a new petition for getting their independent union registered. Fur this purpose, the union’s name was changed to “Maruti Suzuki Workers’ Union.” During this time, 2500 Maruti workers were severely tested for their solidarity, courage and discipline. But this bore fruit and today that is on the 29th of February, 2012, we succeeded in getting our union registered. This ends one chapter in our struggle. But workers all over the country and the world have given us new hopes and dreams by giving us such tremendous support.

Sandeep Dhillon (Chief Patron)
Rammeher Singh (President)
Sarabjeet Singh (General Secretary)

(Translated by Amit Basole)