Nonadanga Anti-eviction Struggle : Petitions by Sanhati, IISc Concern and Institute of Physics at Bhubhaneshwar

April 10, 2012

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Release activists arrested for protesting evictions and ensure suitable rehabilitation and compensation to the residents of Nonadanga slum

Please read and sign Sanhati’s petition against the government of West Bengal’s anti-democratic action. You may click this link to be redirected to the webpage that will enable you to electronically sign the petition. If you experience technical problems while attempting to electronically sign the Sanhati peition, send your endorsement to communications [at] sanhati [dot] com. Sanhati’s petition to the Chief Minister on the Nonadanga issue is also now available in Hindi.

To view the Concern IISc petition, click here.
To view the Institute of Physics’ (Bhubhaneshwar) petition, click here.

All three petitions have been endorsed by 1426 signatories (updated 19.4.2012 @ 9.38pm IST). A partial list of signatories is shown below for the Sanhati petition; a full list of signatories is given for the petitions of IISc Concern and IoP Bhubhaneshwar.



Mamata Banerjee,
Chief Minister,
Government of West Bengal,
Writers Building,
India-700 001

We are deeply concerned by your government’s arrest of seven democratic rights activists and its earlier detention of residents of the Nonadanga slum on April 8, 2012 at Ruby junction. These activists were engaged in a peaceful sit-in demonstration attended by a broad spectrum of left organisations and individuals of good conscience, demanding rehabilitation of hundreds of residents evicted from the Nonadanga slum of Kolkata on March 30, 2012. The peaceful character of their protest is a matter of public record, documented by various media reports. Accordingly, we are shocked and dismayed at the response of your police forces to these democratic protests.

In this matter, the actions of your police forces have been systematically repressive and appear to be progressively sinister while sending a very dangerous and anti-democratic signal. On April 4th, your police lathi-charged a peaceful rally and beat a pregnant woman in her third trimester. Your police forces proceeded, on April 8th, to attack a peaceful sit-in demonstration and arrest 69 people, victimising children under the age of ten. Seven activists were kept in custody by slapping non-bailable charges, i.e., Debolina Chakroborty, Samik Chakrobarty, Manas Chatterjee, Debjani Ghosh, Siddhartha Gupta, Partho Sarathi Ray, and Abhijnan Sarkar. Yet this was not enough. On April 9th, your police attacked yet another peaceful rally of the anti-eviction movement in Kolkata and arrested more than 50 participants.

In addition, your advocates insisted on pressing quite incredible charges against the seven detained activists. State counsel has essentially argued that any peaceful democratic dissent constitutes a conspiracy to hatch a subversive plot against the government. Furthermore, this argument revealed the aim of the State to interrogate those remanded in order to recover “information” about “possible stockpiling of arms and explosives”. This daft and tired accusation is patently a euphemism serving to disguise the government’s aim to torture the detainees. We are quite apprehensive of false evidences being foisted and concerned with this attempt by your government to throttle democratic dissent and protest in such a sinister manner.

This turn of events reminds us of the infamous case of Dr Binayak Sen and various attempts by police and security personnel to manufacture false cases against intellectuals and activists in order to harass, malign and silence them. We demand in the strongest possible terms the immediate release of the seven democratic rights activists and immediate annulment of this bizarre set of charges. Furthermore, we demand that all the evicted persons from the Nonadanga colony be suitably rehabilitated and proper compensation be arranged for them. We also demand that you prosecute police personnel responsible for the brutal lathicharge on women and minors on April 4th. Instead of addressing the genuine grievances of the urban poor, who have been mercilessly evicted from their homes, your government has cracked down on conscientious intellectuals and activists who stood by the people. This is rather shameful behaviour for a purportedly pro-poor government. The Trinamool Congress promised “Pariborton” to the citizens of West Bengal. But the more things change, the more they stay the same. Let it deliver or go the way of its predecessor.

For a chronological order of the events see the following set of TOI reports:

*** Mar 31 : Nonadanga slum dwellers evicted
*** Apr 5 : Lathicharge on protesters, including a pregnant woman and and infant
*** Apr 6 : Firhad Hakim, West Bengal Urban Development Minister, asks for the list of evictees in Nonadanga
*** Apr 9 : A peaceful protest meeting and demonstration at Ruby junction is broken up by the police, and demonstrators arrested; 7 activists are detained
*** Apr 10 : Arrest of people in College Square demonstration against Nonadanga eviction, persons detained earlier remanded to further custody, intellectuals come out against police brutality and arrest

Signatories (684 in total, updated 15.4.2012 @ 12.52am IST) :

Aarti Chokshi, Banglore
Abha Sur, Massachusetts (USA)
Alpa Shah, United Kingdom
Amit Bhaduri, New Delhi
Anirban Kar, New Delhi
Arundhati Roy, New Delhi
Asish Gupta, New Delhi
Balmurli Natarajan, New Jersey (USA)
Barbara Harriss-White, Oxford (UK)
Bernard D’Mello, Mumbai
Ceren Soylu, Massachusetts (USA)
David Faust, Minnesota (USA)
David Kotz, Massachusetts (USA)
Debarshi Das, Guwahati
Deepankar Basu, Massachusetts (USA)
Dipanjan Rai Chaudhuri, Kolkata
Dipankar Chakrabarti, Kolkata
Dunu Roy, New Delhi
Felix Padel, Gujarat
Fred Moseley, Massachusetts (USA)
Gautam Navlakha, New Delhi
Gerald Friedman, Massachusetts (USA)
Himanshu Kumar, Chhattisgarh
Hiren Gohain, Guwahati
Javed Iqbal, Mumbai
John Harriss, Vancouver (Canada)
John Willoughby, Washington (DC)
Kamala Visweswaran, Texas (USA)
Kuver Sinha, Texas (USA)
Lenin Kumar, Bhubaneswar
Madhumita Dutta, Chennai
Mamata Dash, New Delhi
Meher Engineer, Kolkata
Minqi Li, Salt Lake City (USA)
Mwangi Githinji, Amherst
Nandini Chandra, New Delhi
Narinder Jeet, Bathinda
Nisha Biswas, Kolkata
Partha Sen, Kolkata
Pinaki Chaudhuri, Duesseldorf (Germany)
Pothik Ghosh, New Delhi
Pratyush Chandra, New Delhi
Rahul Varman, Kanpur
Ramaa Vasudevan, Colorado (USA)
Reetika Khera, Delhi
SAR Geelani, New Delhi
Saroj Giri, New Delhi
Shankar Gopalakrishnan, New Delhi
Shiv Sethi, Banglore
Sirisha Naidu, Ohio (USA)
Sumathi Venkatachalapathy, Chennai
Sushovan Dhar, Kolkata
Swapna Banerjee, Mumbai
A.K. Maleri, Ludhiana
Aadittto Shen, Kolkata
Aakash Sarkar, Kolkata
Aaron Murphy, Ohio (USA)
Abheek Bardhan, Bangalore
Abhijit Kundu, New Delhi
Abhijit Sarkar, Kolkata
Abhik Bhattacharya , Kolkata
Abhilash Patnaik, Bhubaneswar
Abhilash Sahoo, Kolkata
Abhirup Roy, Bangalore
Abhishek Nag, Kolkata
Abhishek Dhar, Bangalore
Abhishek Guha, Mohanpur
Abhishek Kala, Dallas (USA)
Abhishek Rakshit, Mohanpur
Abhishek Sinha, Kolkata
Aditi Chandra, California (USA)
Aditya Aggarwal, New Delhi
Afief Tariq Shah, Srinagar
Ahmed Sohaib, New Delhi
Ahmed Sohaib, New Delhi
Aijaz ul Ayaan, Srinagar
Ajay Chauhan, Nadia
Ajay Kumar, Chandigarh
Ajit Srivastava, Bhubaneswar
Akhlak Ahmad, New Delhi
Akhtar Khan, New Delhi
Alan Haggard, California (USA)
Alexis Critchley, Ohio (USA)
Alisha Sett, Massachusetts (USA)
Alok Laddha, Pennsylvania (USA)
Aloke Bhattacharya, Pune
Aloke Das, Pune
Amal Narayanan, Nadia
Amandeep Singh, Amritsar
Amar Deep, Bangalore
Ambarish Nag, Denver (USA)
Americo Oliveira, Pacos de Brandao (Portugal)
Amit Basole, Lewisburg (USA)
Amit Kumar, Nadia
Amit Singh, Minnesota (USA)
Amitava Majumdar, Kansas City (USA)
Amitava Mitra, Howrah
Amith Singhee, Ossining
Amlan Das Gupta, Vancouver (Canada)
Amrita Hazra, Berkeley (USA)
Amruta Gadge, Banglore
Anahita Dastur, Cambridge
Anamitra Roy, Hooghly
Anand Surada, Austin (USA)
Ananda Dasgupta, Kolkata
Ananda Ghosh, New York (USA)
Ananda Lakshmy, Chennai
Anandalakshmy, Chennai
Anandaroop Ghosh, India
Anandaswarup Gadde, Australia
Anant Maringanti, Hyderabad
Ananya Chatterjee, Nadia
Ananya Sadhu, Burdwan
Ananyo Mukherjee, Siliguri
Anasuya Ray, Evanston (USA)
Andrew Lin, Ohio (USA)
Aniel Bhalla, New Dehli
Anil Kumar Puri, Uppsala (Sweden)
Anilisa Biswas, Kolkata
Anindita Bhadra, Mohanpur
Anindita Sengupta, Minnesota (USA)
Anindya Bhattacharya, York (UK)
Anindya Dey, Texas (USA)
Anindya Sengupta, Kolkata
Anirban Basu, Urbana (USA)
Anirban Dasgupta, Albany
Anirban Hazra, Pune
Anirban Kumar, New Delhi
Anirban Mitra, Bangalore
Anirban Pal, Barrackpore
Anirban Pathak, Olomouc (Czech Republic)
Anirban Sain, Mumbai
Aniruddha Mitra, St Louis
Anisa Chorwadwala, Pune
Anivar Aravind, Bangalore
Anjali Monteiro, Mumbai
Anjani Kumar, New Delhi
Ankit Sharma, Noida
Ankita Anand, New Delhi
Ankita Rastogi, New Delhi
Ankur Borah, New Delhi
Ankur Goswami, Bangalore
Ankush Bhuyan, New Delhi
Annu Jalais, Kolkata
Anudipa Majumder, Kolkata
Anup Gampa, Columbus (USA)
Anup Sadi, Mymensingh
Anupam Chatterjee, Kolkata
Anuradha Sengupta, Kolkata
Anurag Kumar, Kolkata
Anurupa Roy, Ohio (USA)
Anwar Mohiuddin, Nadia
Anwesha Goswami, Lexington
Aparajita Dasgupta, London (UK)
Aparajita Sengupta, Kolkata
Apoorva Gautam, New Delhi
Arani Roy, Massachusetts (USA)
Argha Mondal, Mohanpur
Argha Roy, Kolkata
Arijit Dasgupta, Shyamnagar
Arijit Ghosh, Kolkata
Arijit Mukherjee, Kolkata
Arindam Chatterjee, Bonn (Germany)
Arindam Malakar, Kolkata
Arnab China, Cleveland (USA)
Arnab Mukherjee, Pune
Arpita Banerjee, Kolkata
Arun Patnaik, Hyderabad
Arun Prakash, Germany
Arunabha Adhikari, Kolkata
Arunabha De, Kolkata
Arunava Banerjee, Cambridge
Arundhathi K B, New Delhi
Arundhati Bagchi, Michigan (USA)
Arup Keshri, Kolkata
Ashish Ranjan, Patna
Ashok Prasad, Fort Collins (USA)
Ashoka Bali, Bangalore
Ashokankur Datta, New Delhi
Ashrujit Nandi, Kolkata
Asit Das, New Delhi
Asti Bhatt, California (USA)
Aswathy Raveendran, Mumbai
Atreyi Dasgupta, Texas (USA)
Auritro Majumder, New York (USA)
Avinash Kumar, Mohanpur, Nadia
Avisek Mookherjee, Kolkata
Avishek Sengupta, Kolkata
Balaji Narasimhan, Los Altos (USA)
Bapun Giri, Mohanpur
Bedatri Datta Choudhury, New Delhi
Behrooz Navaii, California (USA)
Bertha Gutierrez, California (USA)
Bharati Jagannathan, Faridabad
Bhargav Chowdhury, Kolkata
Bhaskar Bhattacharya, Austin (USA)
Bhaswati Bhattacharyya, New Haven (USA)
Bhavtosh Bansal, Nadia
Bhumika Chauhan, Noida
Bhuvi Gupta, New Delhi
Bikramjit Das, Switzerland
Billy Memery, Ireland
Bindu Desai, California (USA)
Biplab Bose, Guwahati
Biplab Mukherjee, Kolkata
Bipul Chakrabarti, Kolkata
Bishan Dutta, Kolkata
Biswajit Roy, Calcutta
Bitan Kr Dutta, Kolkata
Bodhayan Roy, Mumbai
Bodhisatta Nandy, Mohali
Bodhisattva Sengupta, Guwahati
Brahmabandhav Upadhyay, College Station (USA)
Brinda Bose, Gurgaon
Brinta Chakraborty, Kolkata
Buta Singh, Nawanshahr
Camille Harman, Baltimore
Carlos Marentes, Massachusetts (USA)
Ch. Prashanth Manikumar, Bangalore
Chandrababu Naidu, Chennai
Chandresh Meravi, Hyderabad
Chirantan Kundu, Kolkata
Chitrabhanu Dasgupta, Kolkata
Chukka Srinivas, California (USA)
Cijo Joy, New Delhi
CJ Jones, Ohio (USA)
David Pugh, New York (USA)
Debabrata Roy, Kolkata
Debal Mazumder, Kolkata
Debalina Ghosh, Kolkata
Debanjan Bagchi, Singapore
Debanjan Dhar, California (USA)
Debashis Hira, Kolkata
Debashish Goswami, Kolkata
Debasish Haldar, Kalyani
Debasish Kumar Ghosh, Kolkata
Debasree Mazumdar, Kolkata
Debdip Roy, Kolkata
Debdutta Dasgupta, Kolkata
Debojyoti Bhattacharya, Bangalore
Debolina Das, Kolkata
Debomita Basu, Mumbai
Debrup Chakraborty, Mexico City
Debsankha Manik, Nadia
Deepak Srinivasan, Bangalore
Deepika Ahuja, Kolkata
Devroop Sarkar, Howrah
Dhananjay Gupta, mohanpur
Dhiman Chatterjee, Chennai
Dhriti Chatterjee, Kolkata
Dhriti Chatterjee, Nadia
Dhrub Basu, Kolkata
Dhrubojyoti Saha, Kolkata
Dibyendu Paul, Kolkata
Dilip Khan, New Delhi
Dipak Poria, Kalayani
Diptangshu Chakraborty, Agarpara
Diptarup Nandi, Bangalore
Divya Bhardwaj, Noida
Dr. Suman Dutta, Seoul (Korea)
Durba Sengupta, Pune
Durga Kalyan, Hyderabad
Dwaipayan Basu, Kolkata
Edward Laurson, Colorado (USA)
Elizabeth Louis, Hawaii (USA)
Ellora Derenoncourt, California (USA)
Eric Vance, Phoenix (USA)
Erika Rikhiram, Florida (USA)
Gairik Roy, Lethbridge
Garga Chatterjee, Cambridge (USA)
Garima Lal, Nadia
Garry Lough, Texas (USA)
Gaurav Kumar Baruah, Kolkata
Gaurav Ray, Bangalore
Gautam Sengupta, Kanpur
Goutam Ganguly, Kolkata
Gregor Jose, Kolkata
Hana Copinga, Invercargill (New Zealand)
Hao Qi, Massachusetts (USA)
Hirak Bandyopadhyay, Kolkata
Imram Kazi, Kolkata
Ipshita Samanta, Kolkata
Ipsita Pal-Bhowmick, Maryland (USA)
Irfan Danish, New Delhi
J Dhineshkumar, Bangalore
Jahanshah Rashidian, Frankfurt (Germany)
Jai Pushp, New Delhi
Jashobrata Bose, Kolkata
Jayant Haritsa, Bangalore
Jayanta Das, Howrah
Jayaprakash Narayan, Bangalore
Jeet Bhattacharya, Kolkata
Jesse Knutson, Berkeley (USA)
Jibin Sadasivan, Kokata
Jim Weill, Texas (USA)
Jit Ray Chowdhury, Kolkata
Johanan Wahlang, Kolkata
Johanna Stern, Vienna (Austria)
Jubo Bharat/Yuva Bharat, Kolkata
Judy Whitehead, Lethbridge (Canada)
Juwaria Rashid, New Delhi
Jyoti Kalapa, Bangalore
K Chatterjee, Mumbai
K Sengupta, Kolkata
Kamayani Bali-Mahabal, Mumbai
Kanailal Biswas, Kolkata
Karen Gabriel, Delhi
Karnali Bose, Mumbai
Karthik Ranganathan, Bangalore
Karthik Reddy, Bangalore
Kasturi Basu, Kolkata
Kaushik Basu, Kolkata
Kaushik Chakraborty, Kolkata
Kaushik Ghosh, Texas (USA)
Kaushik Mitra, Kolkata
Kesang Dickey Bhutia, Darjeeling
Khemchand Dayal, Mohanpur
Khusnud Shahidi, Kolkata
Kishor Bhat, Bangalore
Komal Kumari, Kolkata
Kousik Chakrabarty, Kuwait City
Koyel Lahiri, Kolkata
Krishan Takhar, Jaipur
Krishanu Banerjee, Santa Clara (USA)
Krishnan T, Lausanne (France)
Krittika Chatterjee, Kolkata
Krunal Desai, Bangalore
Kuldeep Prakash, Nainital
Kuntal Ghosh, Kolkata
L Veeranjan , Bangalore
Laasya Samhita, Bangalore
Lakshmi Premkumar, New Delhi
Lallan Baghel, Chandigarh
Lily Dey Sarkar, Kolkata
Lokeshwari Dasgupta, Kolkata
MacKenzie Serpe, Washington (USA)
Madhavi Jayarajan, Bangalore
Madhumanjari Chatterjee, New York (USA)
Madhura Chakraborty, Kolkata
Madhura Duttagupta, Kolkata
Malancha Ta, Kolkata
Manabi Paul, Mohanpur
Manali Nekkanti, California (USA)
Manali Chakrabarti, Kanpur
Manas Joardar, Kolkata
Maneesha Ismail, Kolkata
Manisha Sethi, New Delhi
Manjari Chakravarti, India
Manjusha Ghosh, Kolkata
Manoj G, Mumbai
Mansi Jain, Kolkata
Mansi Shah, California (USA)
Margaret Dickinson, London (UK)
Mark Paul, Massachusetts (USA)
Mark Silverman, Massachusetts (USA)
Mike Giamalva, Mississippi (USA)
Minakshi Mondal, Toronto (Canada)
Minimohan Mohan, India
Mohit Prasad, Kalayani
Monalisa Mondal, Kalyani
Monisha Bhattacharya, Bangalore
Mou Nandi, Orem
Moyna Mazumdar, Mohanpur
Mritunjay Mritunjay, Delhi
Mrs. Hansa and Daniel Mazgaonkar, Mumbai
Mukul Sri, Uttarkhand
Munmun Chatterjee, Bellevue (USA)
N. B. Kar, Kolkata
Naba Dutta, Kolkata
Nachiket Udupa, Chennai
Nagaraj Jothi, Bangalore
Naman Deep Singh, Nadia
Nandini Dhar, Austin (USA)
Nandini Dutta, New Delhi
Nandita Ghosh, New York (USA)
Narasimha Kumar Cheraku, Heidelberg (Germany)
Narayana Yeddula, La Jolla (USA)
Natasha Mhatre, Bristol (UK)
Naveen Gaur, New Delhi
Naveen Surendran, Trivandrum
Nayan Jyoti, Delhi
Nayanika Mathur, Cambridge
Neelanjana Sengupta, Pune
Neha Chaturvedi, New Delhi
Nidhin Joseph, Massachusetts (USA)
Nidhin Shobhana, Pune
Niladri Banerjee, Kolkata
Nimisha Kantharia, Pune
Nirbhay Bhadani, Kolkata
Nirmalya Chanda, Kolkata
Nurul Kabir, Cambridge (USA)
Palash Biswas, Kolkata
Pallabi Sengupta, Kolkata
Pampa Mukherjee, Chandigarh
Pankaj Mandal, Pune
Param Veer, New Delhi
Paramjeet Singh, New Delhi
Parichay Patra, Kolkata
Parijat Sarkar, Kolkata
Paromita Saha, Bangalore
Partha Hazra, Pune
Parthapratim Chakravorty, Santiniketan
Parvathy Prem, Austin (USA)
Pathikumar S, Illinois (USA)
Paulomi Majumder, Washington DC (USA)
Paushali Barman, Mohanpur
Payel Bhattacharya, Kolkata
Phaneendra Yalavarthy, Bangalore
Pijush Dey, Durgapur
Pinak Banik, Ashokenagar
Pintu Mandal, Kolkata
Piyush Manush, Salem
Piyush Srivastava, Allahabad
Poly Varghese, chennai
Ponni Arasu, Chennar
Poonam Srivastava, Minnesota (USA)
Poulomi Sengupta, Pashan
Prabal Maiti, Bangalore
Pradeep Baisakh, Bhubaneswar
Pradip Datta, New Delhi
Pradip Kar, Kolkata
Pradipta Bandyopadhyay, Delhi
Pradyumna Singh, Delft (Netherlands)
Pradyumndev Jodha, Hyderabad
Pralay Biswas, Kolkata
Prama Mukhopadhyay, New Delhi
Pranay Goel, Pune
Prasad Bh, Vijayawada
Prasad Subramanian, Pune
Prasanga Samakal, Kulti
Prasanta Mali, Ghaziabad
Prasanta Chakravarty, New Delhi
Prasanta Chakravarty, New Delhi
Prasenjit Ghosh, Pune
Prathamesh Turaga, Bangalore
Praveen Kumar, Mohanpur Nadia
Praveen Uchil, Bangalore
Pravin Kumar, New Delhi
Preeti Sampat, New York City (USA)
Preetika Nanda, New Delhi
Premjish Achari, New Delhi
Pritam Pal, Jaipur
Pritpal Singh, Bathinda
Priti Turakhia, Mumbai
Priya Ranjan, New Delhi
Priyam Basu, Kolkata
Priyanka Deka, Kolkata
Priyanka Ghosh, Maryland (USA)
Priyanka Srivastava, Massachusetts (USA)
Probal Dasgupta, Kolkata
Prosanto Roy, Rangpur
Punyabrata Goon, India
Purba Rudra, Kolkata
Purnendu Chakraborty, Ahmedabad
Pushpam Jha, New Delhi
Ra Ravishankar, Bengaluru
Rabin Patra, Berkeley (USA)
Radhika Pai, Bangalore
Rahul Basu, Kolkata
Rahul Dutta, New Delhi
Rahul Siddharthan, Chennai
Raies Ul Haq Ahmad Sikander, Srinagar
Rajbir Kaur, Kolkata
Rajdeep Mukhopadhyaya, Glasgow (UK)
Rajdeep Sensarma, College Park (USA)
Rajesh Datta, Chandannagar West Bengal
Rajesh Yella, Bangalore
Rajiv Khanna, California (USA)
Rajiv Kumar, New Delhi
Rajni Soren, Bilaspur
Rajyashree Sen, Kolkata
Rakhi Sehgal, New Delhi
Rakshit Kalra, Kolkata
Raman Kirpal, Noida
Rangan Chakrabarti, Kolkata
Ranjan Mallik, New Delhi
Ranjan Roy, Chhattisgarh
Ranjini Bandyopadhyay, Bangalore
Ratna Raman, New Delhi
Ravi Kumar, New Delhi
Ravindran Sriramachandran, Sharjah
Ravindranath, Assam
Reena Johnson, Bangalore
Resmi Lekshmi, Trivandrum
Reva Yunus, Massachusetts (USA)
Ria Biswas, Nadia
Richa Khanna Bose, Kolkata
Rick Tonsing, Fair Oaks (USA)
Rinki Das, Minneapolis (USA)
Rita Agarwala, Kolkata
Ritabrata Ghosh, Kolkata
Ritama Paul, Kolkata
Riten Mitra, Austin (USA)
Ritupan Goswami, New Delhi
Rituparna Sinha Roy, Kolkata
Rohan Mishra, Ohio (USA)
Rohini Muthuswami, New Delhi
Rohit Sen, Kolkata
Rounak Ray, chandannagar
Rupak Datta, Kalyani
Rupam Deb, Siliguri
S Balamurugan, Bangalore
S Harilarisha, Bangalore
S Mukherjee, North Carolina (USA)
Safdar Ali N, Bangalore
Saikat Dutta, Kolkata
Saikat Chatterjee, Allahabad
Saikat Das, Kolkata
Saikrishnan Kayarat, Pune
Sailesh Chettri, Darjeeling
Sakyajit Bhattacharya, Guelph
Salil Biswas, Kolkata
Samantha Agarwal, New Delhi
Samapti Sarkar, Kolkata
Sameer Chaturvedi, Noida
Samik Mukherjee, Ghaziabad
Samrat Bhowmick, Bhubaneswar
Sanchari Bhattacharyya, New York
Sandeep Agarwal, Lexington (USA)
Sandeep Gupta, Panchkula
Sandeep Kumar Pattnaik, Bhubaneswar
Sandeep Samwad, Rohini
Sandeep Tripathi, Kolkata
Sanghamitra Misra, New Delhi
Sanjeev Mahajan, Mountain View (USA)
Sankhadeep Shome, Kolkata
Santanu Basu, New Delhi
Sarika Maitra Bhattacharyya, Pune
Sasmit Sarangi, Massachusetts (USA)
Saswati Ghosh, Kolkata
Saswati Sengupta, New Delhi
Satish Kumar, Nadia
Sattwick Barman, Chennai
Satyaki Das, Singapore
Satyaki Mazumder, Kolkata
Saurabh Mishra, Bangalore
Sayan Kar, Kharagpur
Sayan Kanungo, Kolkata
Sayantan Bera, Kolkata
Sayantan Das, Kolkata
Sayantan Das, Bangalore
Sayantan Goswami, Kolkata
Shahzad Wakeel, Mumbai
Shail Ekka, Kolkata
Shalini Gera, New Delhi
Shampa Singh, Vizag
Shampy Mansha, Nadia
Shanthu Shantharam, Iowa (USA)
Sharanya Nayak, Koraput
Shariq Khan, Neberaska (USA)
Sharmila Purkayastha, New Delhi
Sharmistha Choudhury, Kolkata
Sharmistha Majumdar, California (USA)
Sheena Jain, New Delhi
Shefali Saini, Gurgaon
Shikha Gupta, Austin (USA)
Shiladitya Das, Kolkata
Shilpa Minj, New Delhi
Shilpi S, Allston
Shipra Kanaujia, Kolkata
Shivam Phulari, Mohanpur
Shreya Sanghani, London (UK)
Shreyasi Das, Hooghly
Shreyasi Thakur, Kolkata
Shubham Dipt, Gottingen (Germany)
Siddhartha Mitra, New York (USA)
Siddhi Pandey, Lucknow
Sidra Sheikh, Jersey City (USA)
Siladitya Jana, Kolkata
Smita Ramnarain, Massachusetts (USA)
Sneha Krishnan, Oxford (UK)
Sneha Rao, Bangalore
Snehangshu Patra, Paris (France)
Soham Ganguly, Kolkata
Somnath Dutta, Kolkata
Somnath Jana, Kolkata
Somnath Mukherjee, Kolkata
Somnath Mukherji, Arlington (USA)
Somnath Roy, Patna
Somshubhro Bandyopadhyay, Kolkata
Sonali Mohapatra, Kolkata
Sonjoy Majumder, Kharagpur
Soumen Roy, Kolkata
Soumya Banerjee, Kolkata
Soumya Chakrabarti, Kalyani
Soumya Datta, Delhi
Soumya Majumder, Kolkata
Soumya Nag, Denton
Soumyabrata Guhathakurta, Kolkata
Soumyajit Pramanick, Chennai
Soundarya Iyer, Bangalore
Sourav Das, Singapore
Sourav Banerjee, New Delhi
Sourav Sen, Mohanpur
Sourinee Mirdha, Mumbai
Souvik Bhattacharyya, Bangalore
Souvik Nag Chaudhuri, Gurgaon
Sreangsu Acharyya, Kolkata
Sreeja Das, Kolkata
Sreejith Kalandy, Kolkata
Sridhar Raman, Bangalore
Srilakshmi Krishnamoorthy, Chennai
Srimati Basu, Indiana (USA)
Srinanda Ganguly, Delhi
Sriparna Das, Hyderabad
Srivani Sistla, Singapore
Sthabir Dasgupta, Kolkata
Subhamoy Das, Austin (USA)
Subhanish Dey, Kolkata
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Concern IISc Petition on Arrests and Nonadanga Evictions

Last year a new government assumed power in West Bengal on the strength of a popular anti-displacement movement. One year down the line, the same government has been involved in a large scale displacement operation at Nonadanga, Kolkata, where 250 families were made homeless during an eviction drive at 10:30 a.m. on March 31. Since then the government, while peddling promises of “rehabilitation”, has been brutal at crushing any critique of its
anti-people move.

On April 4, Kolkata police used extreme force to break up a protest of the shanty dwellers near Ruby hospital, E.M. Bypass, injuring five people, including a pregnant woman, in the process. On April 8, the police broke up a peaceful day long sit in protest at Ruby junction, claiming that it was illegal, despite having granted prior permission, and arrested 69 protesters, including 39 women and a child of nine years. 62 of them were charged under section 151, IPC, and were later released on personal release bond. However, Debolina Chakraborty, Sidhartha Gupta, Debjani Ghosh, Abhigyan Sarkar, Partho Sarothi Ray, Shamik Chakraborty, and Amal Chatterjee were detained for their alleged part in the April 4 protest, and booked under Sections 143,149,332,341,342 353 of IPC which suggests that they had provoked people in wrongful activity, assembled illegally, and wrongfully restrained and resisted policemen.

The seven activists were produced in court on Monday, and have been remanded to three days police custody. The state counsel raised the bogey of Maoism to demand two weeks police custody declaring that the activists have links with Naxal outfits. Though it was demonstrated in court that Partho Sarothi Ray, who is a faculty at IISER, Kolkata, and an alumnus of MCBL department at IISc, was not present at the protest rally on April 4, he has also been remanded along with others. This smacks of vindictive intent of the government which is striving to
silence a legitimate protest movement.

We, the undersigned, strongly protest the slum eviction, the police violence, and the police custody of the seven activists including Partho Sarothi Ray.

Signatories for Concern IISc petition can be found in the following files (339 in total) :