On the occasion of May Day, workers in Ludhiana pay tribute to the May Day martyrs

May 3, 2012


Ludhiana (1 May 2012) – Karkhana Mazdoor Union and Textile Mazdoor Union today organized May Day conference on the occasion of International Labor Day, in PUDA grounds on Chandigarh road, and the martyred worker-leaders of Chicago. To begin with, the Red Flag was unfurled to salute the martyrs; the Red Flag ceremony was carried out by Sukhwinder, editor of the magazine “Pratibadh.” While addressing the workers, he said that working class will never forget the martyrs of May Day and will follow in their footsteps to march forward on the path of liberty to get freedom from oppression, exploitation and injustice.

In the address to the conference, different speakers emphasized that workers have always faced oppression, exploitation and injustice but they never their struggle. The struggle continued in different forms against the unjust capitalist system. The history of May Day is history of glorious struggles of working class. May Day has become the symbol of the struggle of workers for liberation from the unjust system. The speakers told that the workers have won many victories by waging struggles. May Day stands witness to the fact that whatever working class has got, it got only by struggles. If the working class becomes conscious of its rights, then no oppressing force can crush it.

The speakers also told that capitalist-imperialist system of today is turning more and more monstrous due to its own crisis of over-production. The people are being deprived of the already meager facilities of food, education, health, transport and even water. The governments, facing the ire of people’s anger, are trying to snatch all democratic rights from the people. This phenomenon is happening all over the world. The people of the world have landed in such desperate and inhuman conditions that they have no illusion regarding the incapability of this system to offer anything beneficial to the humanity. Poverty, hunger, unemployment, inflation, corruption, pollution and ravaging wars, etc., are the evils that the capitalism is forcing on humanity. It is the message of 127th May Day that the system based on the exploitation of labor will not fall on its own, but conscious efforts have to be initiated.

The people gathered on this occasion were addressed by many leaders of workers including Sukhwinder (editor of “Pratibadh”), convener of textile Mazdoor Union Rajwinder, and convener of Karkhana Mazdoor Union Lakhwinder. Revolutionary songs were presented in the memory of martyrs on this occasion. The stage was conducted by Ajaypal. The conference ended amid the loud slogans of “Long live the martyrs of May Day.”

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