Attack on a meeting organized by Bybosayee Bachao Samiti at Nonachandan Pukur

May 3, 2012

The market at Nonachandanpukur in Barrackpur was demolished in 2006 by the previous government with the aim of building a multi-storied building, which would house shopping mall and flats for rich people. About 500-600 businessmen lost their earnings. But under the banner of Nonachandan Pukur Bybosayee Bachao Samity, they built a movement supported by distinguished personalities like Mahasweta Devi and a large section of democratic people all over the state. Due to the continuous struggle for nearly five years, the earlier government could not implement their plan and finally came to an agreement with the above said organization according. According to the agreement, these uprooted businessmen are supposed to get their just places in the market that will be rebuilt.

But after TMC won the municipal election, the new Chairman, in many ways, gave the signal of not maintaining the earlier agreement. In this context, on 2nd May, 2012 Nonachandan Pukur Bybosayee Samity organized a meeting to voice their just demand once again. For last three days, struggling businessmen were being threatened in order to not join the meeting. Finally, on 2nd May, during the meeting, around 15-20 goons, having allegiance to present chairman of Barrackpur Municipality, made a vicious attack on the participants including some members from F.T.O. and FAMA. They broke the stage as well as the chairs. In this attack barbarous attack, around 20 people were injured.

An earlier report by Dipanjan Rai Chaudhuri titled Durga Puja as protest : small traders in West Bengal was published by Sanhati.