Release adivasi cultural activist

May 15, 2012


12 May 2012

Release Uttpal Unconditionally and Immediately

RDF demands punishment for the police personnel who illegally detained Uttpal

Uttpal, a young adivasi and revolutionary cultural activist, elected to the All India Executive Committee in the First Conference of the Revolutionary Democratic Front held April 2012 in Hyderabad, has been illegally detained by Jharkhand Police. He was detained in Dumuri Police station area of Giridih District on 7th May 2012 while he was traveling on a road transport bus. Till date, the Jharkhand police has not released him nor produced him in any court of law.

Uttpal is a singer and a composer. Uttpal has been working for Jharkhand Aben, a well-known and popular revolutionary cultural oragnisation of Jharkhandis. Since the arrest of cultural activist Jiten Marandi, Uttpal has been actively conducting the organisation. He was travelling from Ranchi to a village in Dumuri to meet Aben’s local team. Before he reached the village, where other cultural activists were waiting for him, he was taken away by the police from the bus around 3pm on 7th May.

This is not the first time that police illegally detained Uttpal. A few months, after Jiten Marandi’s arrest, Uttpal was abducted by goons employed by the police and made to ‘disappear’ for many days. Later he was implicated in a false case and produced in a court of law from where he procured bail. But before his release, he was slapped with fabricated charges under the draconian Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA). After suffering cruel and unjust incarceration for more than a year under provisions of the stringent law, Uttpal recently came out of prison on bail and actively and successfully led the campaign against the death penalty of Jiten Marandi.

RDF strongly condemns the illegal detention of Uttpal, our Executive Member, by the Jharkhand police and demands his unconditional release immediately. We appeal to all democratic organisations and individuals to raise their voice against this illegal act by the Jharkhand Police, and demand the punishment for the guilty police personnel.

Varavara Rao

General Secretary

G N Saibaba
New Delhi